David Lithgow

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David Lithgow
  • Full Name: David Anthony Lithgow
  • Race: Human
  • Date of Birth: 235703.04
  • Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Gender: Male

History and Personality

The David Lithgow of today stands a great distance away from that of his youth. As a young man, David was a brooding, free-spirited rogue and a loner by choice. In another century, he might have emulated James Dean. Teachers did not trust him, while most of his peers adored him. Suffice to say, he was especially popular among the girls. However, as these stories often go, this hard outer shell encased a sensitive teen with a troubled home life. His mother had left during his childhood and his father compensated with a never-ending string of short-term girlfriends. Fortunately, David was a gifted student and school was a safehaven. More importantly, he was an astoundingly talented artist, particularly marked by an aggressive use of color.


In high school, David met his match: Helen Beal, an equally gifted artist, with whom he fell quite passionately in love, and she with him. Being the most popular girl in the school in her own right, this sealed David's fate as the big man on campus, according to his peers, and a bad influence, according to his teachers. He and Helen were utterly inseparable, even frequently forgoing their art for the sake of time together. A few days before their graduation, they eloped, which seemed unquestionably right at the time. However, this forced David into his wealthy father's restaurant business. Soon, it also forced him to abandon his artistic aspirations. It did not take very long for David to grow resentful, as Helen remained free to hone her own skills.

Red and Blue, Oil on Canvas

Believing that a child would heal his injured spirit, David pressured Helen to get pregnant, but every attempt failed. Miscarriages drove them further apart. The sudden death of David's father was the breaking point. He sought comfort in an affair with a co-worker, Anna Greco, a plain, completely uninteresting waitress. Little work was required for Helen to discover this. The marriage was over and Helen began proceedings for a divorce. David, realizing the only thing he had ever truly cared about was on the line, made several earnest attempts to win back his wife. But when Anna Greco claimed to be pregnant, he had little choice but to change his focus. By the time Anna's claim proved to be nothing more than a lie to control him, the sands of time had run out on his marriage.

By this point, David's downward spiral was nearing the bottom. Helen severed all contact. He left the USA and moved north to Canada, where he remained for more than a year, living a simple, contemplative life. This, however, did very little to heal his wounds. Ultimately, he had no choice but to return to California and his business.

Now, David Lithgow's exterior masks a profound emptiness. He goes through life like one already dead, not even bothering for the slightest fulfillment. His restaurants are the finest and most popular on the West Coast, and he lives a comfortable, if lonely, life. In some ways, he is a more open and friendly individual than in his youth, and not so moody. Most regard him as a highly eligible bachelor. The memory of his former wife haunts him almost as much as the havoc he wreaked upon her.

Recent Events

David was recently outed as the father of Wystin Vinna, a child he had with Wystin Nua, a Bajoran woman who was undergoing the Rite of Separation at the time. Despite David's preference for a solitary existence, it can't be said that he is completely celibate.


  • Talents: An astounding artistic gift, which he no longer exercises. He is also an well-seasoned businessman. When he is in a good mood, he is quite charismatic, in the best sense of the word. Unfortunately, he is rarely in a good mood.
  • Habits: Talking in a hushed tone. Also, he bites his nails.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: None. Occasionally meditates.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: None.
  • Likes: Drinking alone, but not to excess. Sleeping. The great outdoors. His ex-wife.
  • Dislikes: Starships. Space.
  • Ambitions and Goals: To win back his wife.
  • Disappointments in Life: Himself.
  • Temperament: Usually avoidant, but can actually be quite pleasant when caught at the right time. Certainly friendlier than he was as a younger man. Typically avoids women altogether, unless an event is required. When he is fired up about something, he can be a very positive, if a little intense.
  • Mental State: Melancholic and obsessive, slightly unbalanced, but far from crazy.


  • Height: 5' 9
  • Weight: Fluctuates between 170 -- 190 lbs., Not all of it muscle.
  • Hair Color: Black/Brown
  • Style of Hair: Full, with some curling at the tips. Kept short, but not too short.
  • Eye Color: Brown, very intense
  • Skin Tone: Golden undertones, Tan
  • Build: On the stocky side at times, but well proportioned. His weight tends to go up and down.
  • Face: Has a look that may be too severe for some, and he's undeniably attention-grabbing. Say what you will about his attractiveness.
  • Carriage: His stance has the appearance of a defeated body hanging on a formerly strong frame. He carries a lot of tension in his shoulders. Years ago, he was quite athletic. His movements, however, are still robust and exacting, and unapologetically seductive, and side-effect of his former life as an artist.
  • Taste in Clothing: High-end and very stylish. He has enough money to buy anything, and he uses clothing to project the image of someone who isn't quite so devastated as he truly is.
  • Voice: Breathy and provocative, medium depth.
  • Handedness: Right-handed


  • Marital Status: Divorced
    • Ex-Spouse: Helen Beal
  • Children: Daughter, Vinna. (Mother is Wystin Nua, Bajoran)
    Vinna, Oil of Canvass (by Helen Beal)
  • Father: Maxillian Lithgow
  • Mother: Lucy Lithgow
  • Siblings: A few half-brothers and sisters he has never gotten the chance to know.