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Current Assignment

USS Atlantis

  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Duty Post: Chief of Intelligence
  • Commanding Officer: Jarred_Thoran
  • Stardates: 239405.08 - Present

Mission Logs

  • 239405 - 239406:Lydor V- As a part of an away team sent from the U.S.S Atlantis Ensign Knight along two other away team members were surgically altered to help disguise themselves among the frog like native populace. Their objective was to investigate for possible Consortium influence on the pre-warp civilization and remain undetected in the process. After making successful infiltration to the planets surface Ensign Knight proceeded with the away team placing several discrete observational sensors to be used by members of the Free world confederation scientific community on a later date. While bartering with a local merchant, Consortium mining elements beneath the surface cased a series of seismic disturbances that decimated the surface, Adjacent away teams later identified the mining operation and captured the Consortium elements. Ensign Knight was severely injured in the seismic activity and was beamed back to the Atlantis for fear of discovery by the local populace, the injury later resulted the loss of the left eye. See medical records for documentation of replacement ocular implant.
  • 239407 - 239408:Jentris Cloud(Par'Tha Expanse)- While searching for Survivors of a disabled Korri merchant ship the U.S.S Atlantis was attacked by rogue Consortium element disguised as an asteroid and the ships commanding officer(Captian Brell) was kidnapped, first officer Williams placed Lieutenant Jg Knight in charge of a security team in order to sweep the ship for the missing Captain. While conducting the search with adjacent away teams Lieutenant Jg. Knight located an impostor posing as the commanding officer and remanded him to the brig. The rogue Consortium element then attacked Federation boarding element sent to search the disguised ship, as well as disabling the Atlantis's main engines and main power. Hearing that an Ensign had been injured in the ship computer core attempting to removing a foreign device, Lieutenant Jg. Knight proceeded to the core to provide aid. Upon arrival Lieutenant Jg. Knight found Ensign Hyden unconscious with Essign Darkkust attempting to provide aid. Transporting Ensign Hyden to sickbay with help of Ensign Darkkust and without turbo lifts, Lieutenant Jg. Knight was enlisted upon his arrival to help jury rig a sensor probe to escape the Jentris cloud and signal for help. The first ship to respond to this was the Romulan Republic Warbird Ill'Vara. Subsequently while this was happening Lt. Commander Raga boarded the disguised ship and traded places with Captain Brell as prisoner before the rogue Consortium cloaked and escaped.
  • 239409 - 239411: [[|]]

Previous Assignments

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Starfleet Academy

  • Rank: Cadet
  • Major: Intelligence
  • Minor: Tactical
  • Stardates: 239009.01 - 239405.07

Command Review

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Assessment: Commander Jarred Thoran, USS Atlantis

Stardate: 239612.19

  • Communication: Communication skills, both verbal and written, are highly effective.
  • Cooperation: Can be counted on to carry out assignments with careful follow-through and follow-up.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Has a talent for thinking outside of the box
  • Initiative: Seeks and takes on any new opportunity that might present itself.
  • Job Knowledge: Maintains an up-to-date level of professional and technical knowledge
  • Leadership: Needs to further demonstrate leadership abilities
  • Problem Solving Skills: Always analyzes an issue carefully and then looks for different ways to resolve that issue
  • Teamwork Skills: More suitable to an individual-focused environment than a team-work environment.

Assessment: Lieutenant Commander Quxin, Starfleet Academy

Stardate: 239605.07

  • Communication: Communicates on adequate levels in order get job done.
  • Cooperation: Shows good cooperation skills with others and in large groups.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Unmatched by classmates and demonstrates significant personal intelligence when improvising.
  • Initiative: Sufficient for the time being but needs to work on for future rank advancement.
  • Job Knowledge: XXXXX(Classified)XXXXX
  • Leadership: Tends to stay back most of the time but can lead if the situations demands it.
  • Problem Solving Skills: Excellent at solving puzzles and diverse situations.
  • Teamwork Skills: Shows a slightly above average ability to read people around him and uses that to succeed or guide classmates.

Service Record, Awards & Service Ribbons

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Disciplinary Log


Medical Records

For full medical records, see Medical Record. Please note only authorised personnel may view medical records.