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USS Athena
David Cody


  • Full Name: David Scott Cody
  • Race: Human
  • Position: Mission Specialist
  • Ship: USS Athena
  • Gender: Male
  • DoB: 235203.34
  • Birthplace: Mars Colonies
  • Age: 41
  • Telepathic Status: T:1

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Childhood & Teenaged Years

Born in 2352, David is the only child of civilian engineer Barnes Cody and his wife, Barbara Jennet, the founder and owner of Jennet Trade Securities Corporation (JTSC). His childhood was filled with the sweeping sand dunes and the colony cities of Mars, where he had attended primary and secondary education, and could usually be found helping his father rebuilt machines or out cave diving, one of his loved pastimes from youth. He had the opportunity to help his father restore an old Forerunner shuttlecraft (which would later be identified as the JTSC-3 Prototype), and given the location of the house, which was outside of the city, he was very much an outback child getting a mix of both the old and the new.

Dave’s youth was spent in school, at home, and working with his mother and father at the JTSC facility. He had the opportunity to go with them, more often with Barbara, on several trade relations missions and get to know several cultures in the process. Once into his teenaged years, Barbara began preparing her son for a career in the civilian sector as a trade securities investigator/relations, so his time was split between school and the many short missions he accompanied his mother with, which included Betazed.

Incorporating a New Family Member

David is no stranger to Betazoids, having visited the planet several times with Barbara during the course of his youth. The Turow’endial Family, while not a part of the major houses, quickly had established trade relations between Betazed and Mars acting as representatives. During a trip during Dave’s thirteenth year in 2365, the family promoted an exchange where one of their daughters, Deborra was interested in learning the business. Deborra accompanied both Dave and Barbara back to Mars where she quickly became adopted into the family.

The rest of Dave’s teenaged youth was inheriting an older sister in many ways. While Dave and Deborra didn’t see as much of each other, the relative ages (13 and 16) made for sibling bond. He introduced her to sports related activites and she introduced laughter. They refer to themselves as brother and sister, even though technically they’re not related to each other. All of which would be put to the test a couple years later when Deborra turned 18 in June 2367.

Fifteen at the time, and only from the forging of their sibling relationship, Dave knew enough to know they needed to remove Deborra away during her coming-of-age. He suggested the caverns of Mars, where both he and Deborra disappeared for several days. This defining chapter of youth to the day remains unknown, as neither Dave or Deborra have talked about it at length. However, several marked changes to Dave’s personally emerged when they returned. Gone was the laughing, good-natured boy of youth. In place, a more serious, focused teenager in reserve.

The Early Years of David Cody

By the age of eighteen in the beginning of summer 2370, David signed on as a crew hand to Captain Mov’na, who had recently launched a freighter trader ship dubbed the Skiptrace. Over the course of the next four years, between 2370 and 2374, Dave’s life centered around civilian trade that took him to several systems throughout the Alpha Quadrant, gaining first hand experience on the frontlines. A full and complete history is hard to come by, given like serving aboard a Federation starship, the Skiptrace’s first four years are myriad trader missions.

A major change came around March/April 2374, when the crew of the Skiptrace met Gersh Nathan, who arranged to buy the ship off Mov’na. The crew of traders, firmly under Nathan’s command, noticed a subtle shift in the trade runs, which began to include missions of mercy, and occasionally, running medical supplies among other non-profit missions. Dave found the change interesting. The runs became longer, a bit more dangerous at times, and occasionally skirting around blockades to deliver some badly needed food and medical supply.

He served four more years on the Skiptrace before a particular trade goods mission to Ferengar put Dave in the crosshairs of a Ferengi trader named Tvatec.

The Specialist Retriever

At the time, the initial meeting dealt with talks establishing a courier route between Tvatec’s ship and the possibility of including Mars (Tvatec, being well aware Dave was the son of the JTSC founder). Dave inadvertantly broke one of the rules of engagement and Tvatec utilized the Ferengi Government to issue an arrest warrant for breaking Trade Law. Dave had no choice but to agree to a bondsmanship to work off the debt.

The Skiptrace left and Dave reluctantly agreed to wearing a neck collar device, which would prove to cause him more physical damage than he knew at the time. Tvatec had something very much in mind, seeing an opportunity to create what eventually the Ferengi would call a “specialist retriever”. Dave was, in all aspects, an investigator, and a property retriever. In the first few months, Cody was given assignments around Ferengar, going after other Ferengi who had, at various points, managed to either swindle or cash in on some of Tvatec’s holdings. Through Cody, Tvatec was able to incorporate trade securities and apply the Terran law of lading and bill of ownership.

It did not take long for David to graduate into a full investigator, and simultaneously, mastering the Ferengi language. In his first year working as a bondsman for the Ferengi, he graduated from tracking down people and property to being assigned a one man ship to pursue suspects beyond the system. It took him less than a month to realize what the collar was: a device to keep him awake and running. Sleep became a luxury only after the assignment was over (and barring another, which on occasion did happen).

Throughout 2378 into 2380, Cody would be a trade securities investigator in the full sense of the word, 90% of the time for Tvatec, the rest actually for the Ferengi government. Part trader, part cop, and a solid reputation for tracking down everyone and everything. After the summer of 2380, Dave had enough. He had learned the Ferengi well enough to know they would not consider the debt settled unless he could buy out the contract. Arranging a couple of deals on the side, Cody’s liberation day came in October, where he cashed in and bought out his bond from the Ferengi Government, hopped on the nearest outbound trader ship, and went back to Mars.

Entering Starfleet

Once home, Cody had a few shocks. His parents were dead, found in their home. By the design of the will, Deborah was running the JTSC, Dave retained ownership. He suffered through a lengthy inquest, due in part of being suspect, but once the Ferengi government and Gersh Nathan accounted for his whereabouts, Cody found himself at home, battered, bruised, unable to sleep, and taking stock of a shattered family, he set about the task of solving the circumstances around his parents’ death and dealt with Starfleet Medical hoping to reverse the damage the control collar had done to his physiology.

It was a Starfleet Medical Examiner that suggested Cody might look into joining Starfleet, despite being older than most cadets. At 28, Dave was a businessman with a full career, although his experience had soured him from trade securities. After a long, serious discussion with Deborah, he decided to take up the offer and returned to Earth, attending San Francisco’s Starfleet Academy for an accelerated program in Tactical and Security. Finishing up in February 2383, Cody was dispatched to the USS Independence under the command of Admiral Anassasi.

2383 – 2384

Cody arrived in enough time to see the treaty signed between Starfleet and the FTU, brokered by Admiral Anassasi. He served with distinction over the course of the year, coming into his rise during the Gorn Conflict in the battle for DS17 inside the Eratis System. The loss of the Independence toward the end of the year found Cody serving as the starbase’s Chief of Security and working with fellow crewmembers who would go on to recommission the USS Ronin under Captain Idril Mar and Commander Ben Walker.

2384 – 2385

A good portion of the early year would be disasterous for Cody, who had leaped before looking attempting to save an inherited civilian child, B'Sara Cavann from being kidnapped from a passing biomechanoid with the arrival of the newly constructed USS Independence-A. Ending up trapped inside a growing sphere that would have contained a star system, he was forced to blast his way out during its collapse and ended up in spacewalk for several seconds before the Independence could retrieve him.

Through the efforts of the Independence-A crew, along with Dr. Vojana Satscher and LtCmdr Toni Turner, on a holographic link loan, they were able to slowly bring Dave back to strength. Once back on assignment, Dave continued to serve aboard the Independence in both Tactical and Security, heading up the departments through the mission to locate the missing USS Benjamin Franklin that took the crew outside of the Milky Way. In the process, by way of the Greeters, he also found Barnes’ missing modified shuttlecraft, the JTSC-3 Prototype, and opened up a chink in the mystery of his parents’ death.

Dave took a temporarily leave of absence during the course of the latter year back to StarBase 118, in part due to following up on his securities exams and took some coursework in Intelligence. He returned to the Independence-A in September of 2384, meeting some of the crew of the USS Triumphant who had recently arrived, as well as meeting Lt. Quinn Reynolds. At the time, Cody was serving as a Marine/Security Lliason aboard the ship, but soon returned to be the ship’s Chief of Security as his relationship with the Independence’s new Chief Engineering officer blossomed.

The year cultimated with a brush-in with a long-thought gone race, the T’lithians while the Independence was running to the Ithassa Region from Starbase 118. The Independence-A docked with the Midway Repair Facility to undergo repairs. Following up on a medical relief aid mission, the crew of the Independence took command of the USS Phoenix-C to follow up on problems within the Triades-Episolon system.

2385 – 2386

The bombing events that took place on TE-IV during LtCmdr Sidney Riley’s away mission led to several discoveries. One, the Breen were discovered inside the Ithassa, second, the Bung Kho Cartel may or may not have been involved, and lastly, they were finally able to get the Independence-A back.

Serving as both the Independence’s Chief of Security and Second Officer, Cody enjoyed catching up with the Ithassa Fleet at Wheeler Colony, which also had prompted an event that shot the Fleet back outside the Galactic Barrier and forced the crew members visiting down planet to re-commandeer the USS Phoenix-C to track them down.

Once the Fleet was back, the Independence sailed on, heading for the Igloo Cluster to do a survey where they suspect the Breen ship from the TE system may have gone. Along the way, newly promoted Commander Riley recommissioned the USS Tiger along with the arrival of some of the Ursa Major crew. Assigned as the Independence's First Officer during this time, the Independence remained inside Igloo as they became caught in the cross-fire between a Baby Blue Alien that managed to lodge itself into the ship's warp core when they came across an unknown race. Further complications arose when the Skiptrace entered the fray, followed by a Breen warship which separated the crew over three ships as they worked to resolve the crisis with the galactic blue alien.

The Independence took a nasty hit by a Breen weapon, which split the ship into three different realities. Working tirelessly, the Independence crew came together to resolve the blue alien crisis as the Breen ship cloaked, sailing off after stealing numerous parts off the Independence as a few Breen were discovered on ship. Finishing them, Dave discovered the Breen had managed to swipe the JTSC-03 prototype containing the space-fold drive. Following the events, Starfleet ordered the return of some of the crew.

As repairs to the ship were underway, Dave as well as several members of the crew found an interesting holographic waveform in a nearby starsystem. Dispatching, they discovered a quantum singularity causing ghosts of the past to warn them away from the system. At the same time, RAdm. Anassasi was recalled to Starfleet Command when the order came down for them to return to DS17.

Taking command of the Independence, Dave sent the crew to close the singularity on their way out, cruising back for the Eratis System and DS17. Along the way, they were briefly sidetracked with orders to pick up and escort an Admiral with them back to the starbase, unknowingly also housing a serial killer among their midst. It was the crew's finest moment.

2386 - 2387

  • in progress: refer to the Timeline and Medical History for an overview.


  • in progress: refer to the Timeline and Medical History for an overview.