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USS Athena
David Cody


  • Full Name: David Scott Cody
  • Race: Human
  • Position: Mission Specialist
  • Ship: USS Athena
  • Gender: Male
  • DoB: 235203.34
  • Birthplace: Mars Colonies
  • Age: 41
  • Telepathic Status: T:1

Personal Logs  ·   Medical Records

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Medical History

Stardate 237802.15 – 238010.04: Point of Origin

The source of David Cody’s major health issue commenced through the course of these two and a half years, where he had first been bonded under the Ferengi, Tvatec. At the very beginning of his bondmanship, Tvatec had attached a control collar to Cody’s neck. At the time, the long term ramifications hadn’t made themselves apparent. Primarily as a method of long range control, the collar was designed to boost and maintain his bio-chemical and major brain function chemical synaptic firing; essentially keep David awake for the singular purpose of tracking down either property, people, or investigating matters pertaining to the Ferengi Government.

David was unable to remove the collar himself until he bought out the bond, whereupon he was able to retrieve the data code key to release the collar.

Stardate 238010.04 – 238302.17: The Intern Years

Arriving back in the Sol System to Mars, what David had discovered was an inability to sleep, which became the major issue once landing back on his home planet. During the time of the inquest into the death of the his parents, David had enlisted the help of Starfleet Medical to combat the damage to his bio-chemistry on what became diagnosed as a severe case of chronic insomnia. Coming dangerously close to the six – seven day mark, Starfleet Medical was forced to knock Cody out in hopes of recouping sleep to keep him functioning.

It became necessary to clock Cody during his Academy training, where he first acquired the timepiece he keeps on his person at all times. There is a timer that lets him know the three day mark, the six day mark, and a short alarm if he hits seven days without REM sleep. It was the best system Medical could come up with at the time, until Cody finished his Academy requirements and was reassigned to the USS Independence out in the Ithassa Region.

238302.17 – 238401.20

Although Cody kept the nature of his insomnia under wraps, he did make aware the CMO at the time of his condition as well as the Medical records forwarded from both Starfleet and the Academy. At the time, there was no postulated idea for a cure, so it was proceeded on the same methods that Dave had established to keep a counter on his clock.

Without hitch (with one or two exceptions), Cody managed the workflow between his job as first a Tactical officer, then a Security officer, both under Lt. Ben Walker. While it wasn’t common knowledge, the senior staff became aware of his condition and were able to work out a designated “sleep” time.

A CMO entered the Independence, Dr. Sidney Riley, transferring from the USS Wallace. The apex to Cody’s medical condition came at the aftermath of the Gorn Conflict in August of 2383, when he was found near death breaking the seven day mark. Cody began working with Dr. Riley, she was able to ascertain one part of the problem when she began diagramming Cody’s levels. It was discovered the output of his synaptic firing and bio-chemical rise was over five times the normal, although without a reading of Dave’s original chemistry, there was no way to develop a plan of attack to return his chemistry levels to normal. In the end, there wouldn’t be a permanent cure.

At the onset of commissioning of the USS Independence-A, David suffered a worse scenario in an attempt to blockade a biomechanoid from kidnapping one of the Independence’s civilian children, B'Sara Cavann and sacrifice himself in the process, becoming trapped inside what was thought to be a some kind of dyson sphere the mechanoid was contructing. Forced at the end to blow himself out to avoid the sphere’s collapse, Cody ended up spacewalking without a suit for several seconds before the Independence beamed him directly to Sickbay.

It took the combined efforts of Lt. Vojana Satscher and LtCmdr Toni Turner through a holographic interface to rebuild Cody’s muscular and skeletal structure over the next two months. He flat out refused bionical solutions, opting for natural healing, although he paid the price of the regrowth of his skin.

238401.20 – 238501.30

Nearly half of which was spent in recovery from his space-walk, although during the course of the time sleep wasn’t a problem (since Dr. Satscher was moreorless keeping Cody sedated). Cody returned to active duty in Spring and despite the near death event, so did his insomina.

A relatively uneventful year healthwise physically bounced Cody back, although he’s managed to avoid physicals.

238501.30 – 238601.30

RAdm Anassasi ordered crew physicals and psychological reviews in May of 2385 just prior to Commander Sidney Riley taking command of the USS Tiger. With the recent arrival of LtCmdr Jophry Calhan, it remains to be seen if the insomnia issue returns.

Under suspicious circumstances, Dave met with his former civilian Captain Gersh Nathan, who was subsequentially unmasked as former Starfleet Officer LtCmdr Michael Blade when the Skiptrace came to the aid of the USS Independence-A while on mission inside the Igloo Cluster. Dave was able to retrieve his bio-signatures from the Skiptrace transporter archives in what he hopes lies a cure in his original bio-chemistry before having the collar attached... and perhaps end his incurable insomnia.

238601.30 - 2387

Despite a small hitch since returning to StarFleet, David missed a window of opportunity to examine the potentials between an old bio-signature and whether or not there was sufficient evidence to utilize it to restore his bio-chemistry. However, despite his concerns there has been notice his insomnia has diminished, perhaps an apex to the biological damage sustained during youth. There is a possibility, a hope, that time off the collar is finally starting to revert itself.

2387 - 2390


2390 - 239201.XX

Spent in a coma in the medical wing of Starbase 118.

239201.XX - 239206.20

David woke up out of a coma and found himself in the medical ward alongside B'Sara. Despite his weakened condition, he insisted on leaving and terminated his career with Starfleet to go back home to Mars and heal. From January up through June, he spent a lot of time in physical therapy and putting on some weight. He was finally cleared in June and resumed ownership of the JTSC when Starfleet Intelligence came calling and reactivated his service. Although David complained about it, he didn't really put up much of a fight as he was beginning to feel a little restless again

239206.21 - 239302.14

The only major medical issue came in the form of a cold shutdown and reboot of the Apollo's QSD core, where he took the brunt of radiation before the crew was killed within the midst of unstable pockets of space distortion from a Sicarian weapon. David was working with an old mentor from his Academy years, Varaan alongside Benjamin Walker's sister in Engineering, so there was enough time to get him immediate medical attention.

Psychological Profile


There is no complete psychological profile for David Cody, in part due to nearly a decade of information which hasn’t been made public except for bits and pieces in his formation years prior to joining Starfleet. What has been assembled is through various research and what others have been willing to offer:

Adolescent Years: 2366 – 2368

Some have offered the origin of several of Cody’s particularities stems from this period between sixteen and eighteen years of age. It was during this tenure, from what has been offered, that Cody had entered a family bond through the family’s pseudo-adopted daughter/sister, Deborah Turow as she came of age cut off from her family and friends back on Betazoid.

The full extent of what happened in the caverns beneath the sand dunes of Mars may never be fully known, but what has been stated for record is Cody managed to survive the onslaught of a T6 coming of age over the course of seven days. The methods of, the why and the how remain unknown.

Pre Starfleet Years: 2368 – 2378

Perhaps the hardest years to track given at this point, Cody was involved as a trader and trade securities investigator, first under Captain Mov’na, and later under Captain Gersh Nathan while serving aboard the civilian freighter Skiptrace. The experiences and/or events in this chunk of time has not been brought to light, nor has Cody offered up his youth.

Pre Starfleet Years: 2378 – 2380

The only segment of years prior to Cody joining Starfleet which are, in part, on record due to his known tenure with the Ferengi wearing a control collar. His medical records have charted the physiological changes to his body, but there is also record of his psychological profile from his detail-oriented, very work focused and unemotional front that had developed during the course of what for a lack of better word would be “specialist retriever”, which is what the Ferengi know Cody as.

When Cody returned to Mars in October of 2380, the Starfleet Medical Examiner who presented at the inquest of the deaths of Barnes and Barbara Cody, noted the distant, unemotional detachment when Cody had learned his parents had passed on during his absence, which led her to suspect there may have been some psychological conditioning at some point in Cody’s early twenties. To what is was or to what extent was never determined.

Academy Years: 2380 – 2383

While it actually was never addressed, Cody’s entrance into Starfleet came under an accelerlated two and a half years, in part due to a request to evaluate his prior experience and training in the civilian sector. Because David had been involved in security and investigation, he eventually was able to win a petition to shorten the amount of time spent in the Academy. His peers and fellow students remember Cody well because of his piercing focus and by-the-book approach, which would fly in the face of his peers and instructors during his Academy exit Kobiatchi Maru scenario, which while deemed somewhat reckless, determined there was a creative application to the man that hadn’t been apparent.

It’s suggestive that underneath the protocal that Cody has rarely waivered from, there is a certain creative element that guides him in his choices. A part of what stems from the frustration pinpointing a complete profile is due to an exhaustive background in criminal investigation and profiling, two things that Cody had prior training in before coming to Starfleet. He is nearly infamous for avoiding psychological evaluations.

2383 – 2384

Upon his arrival on the Independence, Cody had displayed himself as a detached, but committed Ensign who was originally assigned under at the time Lt. Ben Walker as a Tactical Officer. There is record for a definite appreciation for his head of department, and Cody has to the day remarked his complete respect for LtCmdr Walker. It’s rumored that Cody may have had developed an initial attraction to the First Officer at the time, but if that’s true, no one is talking.

Coupled with his severe insomnia and proneness to tinker, the components of Cody's mindset aren't hard to determinate. Definitely a product out of the Academy, usually by-the-book plays along with a few random initiations came to head during the Gorn Conflict in the invasion of DS17. Cody made the decision to reroute the command authorization tree, in view of this profiler, with full knowledge he could have faced court-martial for overextending his command authority.

But perhaps the surprising element during the course of the Independence crew’s stay aboard DS17 comes from an orphaned Betazoid child, B'Sara Cavann, and what was observed as almost a fatherly aspect in Cody’s dealing with the child. There is a definite family man in Cody, which surprises this profiler to an extent since there had been no evidence to support the self-described bachelor.

2384 – 2385

There is no better evidence to Cody's protective nature of his crew than in the very beginning of the year, ironically, because of B’Sara. While it’s not hard to guess the motive, Cody’s near self-sacrifice to protect Ms. Cavann during the biomechanoid appearance at the onset of the USS Independence-A demonstrated for the first time a clear emotional attachment to the people he worked with, whereas prior Cody had remained nearly stoic and Vulcan-like in his work habits and free time.

Coming out of the Galactic Barrier over the summer opened up a closure to the circumstances around Cody’s parents, but left several more open, which is suspect that there was a major psychological shift happening within David Cody. What it was, to what extent, no one has come forward to suggest. But it is reasoned that the answer to where his parents had died solved several things for Cody. It can be reasonably assumed that Cody may return to the Waystation discovered in the Galactic Barrier.

Further examination toward the end of the year came as almost a complete 180 to Cody’s behavior, especially after the arrival of Lt. Quinn Reynolds. Although he has been heard on record regarding his romantic interests as volunteers, one could ask any of the Independence crew regarding the courtship between Cody and Reynolds to know there is a significant relationship between them (although kept extremely quiet). Even to the day, very few people are aware of their feelings toward each other.

2385 – 2386

On review, at least what has been accumulated to date, there has been a significant depature from the cold, emotionless Ensign that stepped aboard the Independence to the Lt. Commander who works with the current command of the ship, by far more accessible and a friend to those who have come aboard.

Perhaps the best overview the profiler can offer is a definite shift in the man’s command and political ability, which even Cody has confessed as “quirksome”. Although somewhat green, there’s a lot to the potential of the man, who has by all accounts evened out over the course of the first half of the year. The investigator to some, a definite force of his own style has slowly started to emerge after he had to temporarily take command of the Independence, revealing a man who on the surface may not show much, but would cross the universe for his crews.

2386 - 238703.25

A year of trials, as David was reassigned for a short duration to command USS Daedalus on what was believed to be a joint StarBase118 and Ithassa Region Intelligence Operation in the hunt for the missing JTSC-03 housing a working coaxial drive for space fold flight. While the hunt yeilded only stranger clues, David was recalled back to the Independence where eventually StarFleet reactived his status as First Officer.

It was a bad year to return to command. A coordinated strike lead by a warrior race called Ixvapyans nearly deciminated DS17 and attemped to take out the combined Ithassa Region Taskforce. The Fleet survived, but the inheritor of the Phoenix Legacy, the USS Phoenix-C was stolen. Originally ordered to take the Indepedence after the Phoenix, David returned to grab Captain Idril Mar before the Independence crew steered nearly all of the explored Region through the Igloo Cluster to Bull's Run and beyond back to Odyssey Station before the caught up to the stolen Phoenix and the Ixvapyans.

David has lived through war, but nothing like the carnage left in the wake of the Ixvapyans. Facing their Warlord, David was forced to return to his tactical/security training that ended with Hadrian's death in blade comabat. The event shattered his notions of changing face of gray, but in many more ways than he's currently aware of as what might be described as the soul of Warlord begins integrating itself into David's own soul.

Before the turn of the year, David was assigned the USS Independence-A after his commanding officer, Flt.Capt. Idril Mar was recalled to Starfleet Command. Although somewhat grass-green and new to the center chair, reports say the man was adjusting well right up to his inexplicable disappearance on Stardate 238703.25. It was undetermined whether he had been kidnapped or had simply vanished, as final reports revealed the Captain's Ready Room had some kind of space-time distortion. Without any leads, Starfleet listed David as M.I.A.

2387 - 2390


239001.XX - 239201.XX

A patient in the Starbase 118 Coma Ward until waking up in January of 2392. Checked himself out of the hospital and did not cooperate with staff counseling, opting to head home to Mars for mental, physical and emotional well being and recovery.

236206.20 - Present

David didn't really put up too much argument returning to Starfleet, and preliminary re-entry qualifications cleared him. He came back more relaxed and less worried, a noted improvement in being open and humorous (or his version of it). He takes a lot more in stride although still has a bit of impulsiveness. One noted he seemed to be more in touch with himself and his feelings, a radically different element from the cold and emotionally distant officer prior to his coma.

Telepathic Status