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David Cody

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David Cody (aka Cody) is the currrent ACoS assigned to the USS Independence.



  • Full Name: David S. Cody
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant (JG)
  • Race: Terran
  • Date of Birth: 235203.24
  • Place of Birth: Mars Colony
  • Gender: M
  • Telepathic status: NYA


  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 165lbs
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue


  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: Barnes Cody (Deceased), b. Isle of Skye
    • Mother: Barbara Jennet (Deceased)
  • Siblings: None


Born in 2352, the only child of civilian engineer Barnes Cody and his wife, Barbara Jennet-Cody, an interstellar trade securities free agent, David Cody led a pretty quiet life on Mars Colony. He attended primary and secondary education, often times helping his father rebuild machines, and on one occasion, had the opportunity to help his father restore an old Forerunner Shuttlecraft. By the time Cody hit eighteen and finished secondary education, he decided to try his hand as a crew hand on a Freight Trader and signed on under Trader Captain Gersh Nathan in 237005.14. He worked from deck hand up to trade negotiator during the next eight years, until going into a negotiation with a Ferengi trader named Tvatec.

Cody made a critical mistake, and ended up in bond to Tvatec on 237804.30. Tvatec ordered Cody’s immediate transfer from Capt. Nathan’s trade crew and placed the 26 years old Cody under his command. Cody spent two years running the trade routes with Tvatec and picked up the Ferengi language (as well as the Ferengi trade system, a far different cry from Terran trade activities). He has been in weapons transfers, as well as medical supply runs. He was cleared for shuttle and small craft piloting under the Ferengi government.

It wasn’t until 238010.04 that Cody was able to buy off his bond and convince another Ferengi trader, a known Starfleet supplier, to take him back to the Sol system. He was done with trade securities, and wanted to get back to Mars Colony to visit the family. It wasn’t until his return to Mars that he learned his parents had been discovered dead in their house in 237507.04. Cody himself had been listed as missing.

After a huge amount of payoffs to both the Ferengi who took him back, as well as Tvatec (who ironically enough tried to hire Cody back), Cody was able to prove his whereabouts and set about the task of figuring out what happened to his parents. A task that to the day remains a mystery. It was through the three years of self-teaching himself criminal investigations, forensics and behavioral science that led Cody to join Starfleet (something both his parents had been vocal about independent careers).

He also retains ownership of Jennet Trade Security Corp, though Deborah Turow runs it.

Cody has always been something of a private person, both in his personal thoughts as well as emotions. He lived the life of a free trader for the bulk of his twenties and proved to be adept in behavioral and social psychology. Coupled with his self-education, and encouraged by a Vulcan scholar studying on Mars Colony, he rededicated himself to forensics and criminology. Turow refers to Cody as a “20th century flatfoot investigator”, but acknoledges he has the ability to be a damn good intel and security investigator. He keeps himself in shape as both an avid jogger and swimmer, also prone to cave-diving and mountain climbing. He focuses on the evidence first to provide leads, and investigates.

Recreational Activities

  • In his spare time, Cody can often be found developing compounds as well as rebuild broken technology (including modifications). On rare occasion, he will pull out his old guitar and strum. Most of the time he’s out collecting samples for his TED system. He also maintains both a jogging and swimming regine.


Cody fell into the habit of carrying a portable science kit. He also has a tendancy to drawl, though he’s been working on getting rid of it.


Forensics, Chemistry, practical applications, Criminology, investigation, carpentry and metalsmithing, behavioral science


Simulations. Emotional outbreaks. Museums.


Tends to internalize his personal thoughts and reflect. But he does move, and when he does, it’s fast

Handedness: Right

Prized Possessions: none

Medical Information

  • History

None to date.

  • Psychological Profile

Cody is a product of his youth. He takes things apart and looks at what he’s given to work with to develop a pattern and method of operation. In social settings, he’s laid back and non-confontational, almost to a point where he’s perceived as slow when he’s anything but. He’s a workaholic who prefers a good rebuilding project or investigation, with a healthy dose of both practicality and imagination that he applies both in work as well as life. His relationships with the opposite sex are few and far between (though he’ll jokingly refer to potential wives as ‘volunteers’). For now, Cody is married to the work and driven by the unexplained death of his parents.

  • Telepathic Status

None, but Cody has taken an avid interest in profiling.


  • Standard Terran early childhood education
  • Standard Terran primary and secondary level education

Non-Starfleet Professional History

  • 8 years as a Freighter Hand and Trade Negotiator
  • 2 years as a Ferengi Trade Representative
  • 3 years self-schooled Behavioral Psychologist, Forensics and Criminal Investigator.


  1. 238302.22: Promoted to Ensign
  2. 238304.19: Promoted to Lieutenant JG