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Based in a huge corporate park on Oscion, DEMi manages data and inventories for hundreds of Par'tha-based companies. Other megacorporations generate huge amounts of information and inventories, usually needing millions of credits of computer equipment and hundreds of employees just to perform data entry updates. DEMi provides this service with the latest supercomputers and a staff of tens of thousands of employees, for a modest fee. This service frees up important credits and personnel to perform more useful duties.

DEMi is a relatively young company, founded only 15 years ago. At first, the concept of another company managing your own company's information (often private) on sales, pricing, and availability of product seemed too risky, despite a confidentiality clause in the contract. But DEMi got a huge vote of confidence when the Par'tha Expanse Great Council contracted them to handle the sector-wide census information. Suddenly, it became a bragging right to have DEMi "handle the scandocs" as it was called. DEMi flourished with new public contracts, and profits funded upgraded computer systems and a new corporate headquarters.

DEMi has an active, skilled field staff that ply the spacelanes of the sector. Staffers have earned the nickname "inforunners." Using portable computers, these field technicians travel to companies on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis to download information. This information is then brought to Oscion and added to the mainframe. With technicians and rolfs working around the clock, the information is updated and sent back to the company, often within a few days.

But DEMi has a deep, dark secret it keeps hidden from all its clients. DEMi was founded and is still run by the Empire. Ruko Terega, a member of the Imperial ubiqtorate, brainstormed the company's concept and pitched it to upper command in Valcaria. With funding, he created the company and took the pseudonym "Hudon Rusoto". He stil acts as the CEO.

Not only does the company generate ample revenue to fund the Imperial regime, but the access to corporate information puts the Empire at an unfair advantage. It should be noted that during DEMi's procedures, it never breaches its confidentiality agreement between clients. But since the Empire rules its known galaxy, it feels it has the rights to this data. As a result, the Empire can keep track of market trends in this sector with much greater accuracy than anyone else. It can use DEMi's resources to keep tabs on the various house purchases as well. For example, in the last two years House Rettaan has been purchasing many capital ships. The Empire has spies working on the reasons for this, but so far has drawn a blank. (Actually, the purchases are made through Rettaan for Kerraron.)