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Lieutenant Commander Dassa Alexander-Dalton
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Full Timeline

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2366 Born on Earth: Lael was born (Stardate 236610.24) in Cedar Springs, Michigan.
2370 Jiu-Jitsu: Lael enrolled in Jiu-Jitsu training to learn how to defend herself against a bully at school who tormented her because of her alien heritage (Stardate 237011.04).
2380 FFE: Lael joined her school's FFE club because of her interest in animals and nature. She took home several first and second place ribbons from competitions. She was most respected for her expertise in plant hybridization.
2381 Finishing School: Lael's mother enrolled her in finishing school with Lael's knowledge, threatening to sell Lael's favorite horse if she didn't attend the classes and take them seriously (Stardate 238102.15).
2382 Top Marks: Shortly after the start of her sophomore year of high school (Stardate 238208.30), Lael is initiated into her school's National Honor Society. During her time with NHS, she worked with such cause-based organizations as The Association for Conflict Resolution and The Peace Education Foundation.
2385 Almost A Queen: Lael's charming personality earned her the admiration of many and, in her senior year, earned her a nomination for homecoming queen. The weeks leading up to the final vote were difficult. She endured a great deal of bullying from the other candidate, Mallory Haines, in an attempt to pressure Lael to drop out of the race. In the end, when the votes were announced (Stardate 238505.05), Lael lost to Mallory by only one vote.

High School Graduate: Lael graduated from high school Magna Cum Laude (Stardate 238505.25) and was asked to give the graduation speech when the valedictorian became violently ill the day before graduation.

Starfleet Academy: Lael learned that she'd been accepted into Starfleet Academy (Stardate 238507.07). Caving to pressure from her mother, she selected the Command Track with the hope of having her own ship someday.

Friends From The Start: While wandering around on the first day of classes lost, Lael bumped into Ivina Genestra. The two became fast friends and within a month of beginning her Starfleet training (Stardate 238509.16), Ivina introduced Lael to her friends Michael Zola and Aidia Carter.

2386 Crushed Dreams: During the spring of her first year at the Academy (Stardate 238603.14), Lael was required to attend a mandatory psychological evaluation after her instructors and peers expressed concerns over her erratic behavior. The evaluation revealed that she was experiencing psychological trauma due to viewing and reading about torture. She was immediately dropped from the Command Track and nearly kicked out of the Academy.

A Change of Plans: Lael was allowed to continue at the Academy (Stardate 238608.17), but had to select another major and attend counseling sessions each week as well as regular physicals to determine her fitness for duty. Her passion for fixing things and for science lead her to an Engineering and Helm/Comm/Operations dual major with a minor in Physics.

2387 Another Boulder: After breaking up with girlfriend Ivina, Lael was devastated. Her close friends coerced her into a rock climbing trip up Mount Whitney. However, the trip ended in tragedy when her climbing partner, Michael, wanted to go up a dangerous face and didn't anchor the piton into the rock properly. It came loose and sent both plunging to their deaths. Lael survived by falling onto a ledge and was paralyzed from the waist down due to a serious fracture of her lower spine.

An Unusual Beginning: About a week after her accident (Stardate 238706.14), Lael met Elina Kincade, who was Lael's nurse at the time. The two gradually became friends and Elina continued to support Lael through her recovery.

New Hope: Told by her doctors that she'd never walk again with serious assistance due to the severity and location of her injury, Lael fell into a deep depression that not even those closest to her could pull her out of. It wasn't until she was approached by a civilian doctor that she saw a glimmer of hope for a future that didn't involve a wheelchair or other assistive device. She was the first Humanoid to receive a highly controversial nanotechnology spinal repair treatment (Stardate 238707.09).

2388 Back In Action: Lael enters her third year at the Academy (Stardate 238801.17).
2389 An Opportunity of A Lifetime: Lael is selected for and begins her Engineering Apprenticeship with the Field Training program aboard Starbase 118 (Stardate 238901.17).

Could It Be Love?: One night, Lael goes out for drinks with some colleagues and meets Jensar Berel, a Betazoid diplomat (Stardate 238905.24).

Tying The Knot: After dating for six months, Lael and Jensar elope on Risa against the wishes of both their families (Stardate 238911.03).

2390 An Ending: After only six months of marriage, Jensar is called home to replace his brother on the Betazed council and Lael is forced to choose between her husband and her career. She chooses her career and the two file for divorce (Stardate 239004.08).

Not Ready: After the heartbreak of her divorce, Lael wasn't ready for another serious relationship, but also was lonely. She met Alva Tigan at a bar on Starbase 118. They hit it off and Lael was lonely, so the two entered a no strings attached arrangement (Stardate 239007.25)

Another Sad Ending: Alva receives news that she's been selected as a host. She asks Lael to be her girlfriend, but Lael is still hurting over Jensar and says no. Alva, disappointed and hurt, ends their arrangement and leaves for Trill (239101.12).

2391 Cruising the Stars: Lael began the final piece of her Academy training--her cadet cruise aboard the USS Centris (Stardate 239101.23).
2392 Beginning of A New Chapter: Having completed her cadet cruise (Stardate 239201.23), Lael graduated from the Academy with majors in Engineering and Helm as well as a minor in Physics.

First Assignment: A month following graduation (Stardate 239202.24), Lael received her first assignment aboard the USS Victory. She arrived on the ship following the Luxis III crisis.

First Mission: After a few weeks (Stardate 239203.13), the Victory was given new orders to investigate missing vials of the Skyfire Virus at Temlai. It was during this mission that Lael was captured by Sicarius, a rogue Romulan organization, and held prisoner, drugged, and tortured for three days.

A Change of Pace: Still recovering from the last mission, Lael requests a transfer to Helm, hoping to get a break from going on away teams for awhile (Stardate 239204.18).

Acknowledgement: For her dedication and actions during the Temlai mission, Lael was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and was awarded a Purple Heart, a Silver Lifesaving Ribbon, and a Prisoner of War Ribbon (Stardate 239205.20).

Just My Luck: While the Victory was investigating an old Starfleet ship discovered adrift in Tholian territory, they were attacked by a Tholian vessel using Tholian webs which caused radiation leaks on decks 6-7. During her attempts to rescue crew stranded on these decks, her EVA suit ripped and she was exposed to radiation. However, when she received the radiation inoculation, she experienced a seizure and was in a coma for a couple of days. This is how she learned that she is severely allergic to an ingredient used in the inoculation, Hyronalin (Stardate 23920715).

A Ribbon and A Duty Post Transfer: Lael was later awarded the Medical Science Ribbon for her part in rescuing and inoculating the crew. That same day, she receives bittersweet news that the Victory is being decommissioned and is given her transfer orders to the USS Gorkon while Janel, her casual boyfriend, is given transfer orders to the USS Apollo-A (Stardate 239207.16).

Part of Life In Starfleet:Lael arrives and settles into her new home about the Gorkon (Stardate 239207.17).

2393 Far From Home: The crew of the Gorkon becomes trapped in an alternate universe where the Dominion won the war and the Federation no longer exists. They spend nearly a year there before they are finally successful in returning to their own universe (Stardates 239301.21 - 239309.07).

Moving Forward: Lael's boyfriend, Jansen Orrey, proposes (Stardate 239312).

2394 The Worst Luck With Relationships: Thinking that Jansen is breaking off their relationship, Lael breaks his nose and ends their engagement before he can (Stardate 239401)

Bittersweet: At the awards ceremony, Lael receives a promotion to Lieutenant (Stardate 239401.21).

The Moment of Truth: Lael undergoes spinal replacement surgery and dies on the table. Fortunately, Chythar Skyfire is able to use his telepathic abilities to reach for her mind and bring her back. This choice has lasting consequences and results in the two forming a connection that allows them to communicate telepathically without touch and feel what the other is feeling without touch over great distances. This also results in Lael's telepathic and empathic rating increasing to T2/E3 (Stardate 239404.14).

Uncertainty and New Orders: Not long after her surgery, Lael along with Dassa Alexander, Chythar Skyfire, and Alex Blair receive orders to transfer to the USS Za under the command of Captain Keelah Rhani. (Stardate 239404.18)

A Rough Start: When the Za makes first contact with a race called the Hocktin, little do they know that they bear-like species is infested with a flea-like creature that carries a disease that is harmless to the Hocktin, but is fatal to other races. The Captain and others are taken hostage by the Hocktin and Lael becomes infected with the virus when in close quarters with a Hocktin on the bridge of their ship. The disease takes a toll and nearly takes her life. Fortunately, after helping rescue the Captain, she's able to receive the vaccine the Medical and Science teams synthesized. (Stardate 239407.01)

Another Transfer: After a fatal defect is discovered in the Chariot-class computer core, the Za is decommissioned. Lael, Chythar, Alex and Dassa receive transfer orders to the USS Veritas. (Stardate 239407.06)

Utter Devastation: Lael, Alex, and Chythar were dropped off on Antor II, a planet in the Shoals that had been devastated by earthquakes and tetryon radiation. (Stardate 239407.07)

A Close Call: While investigating a cave to set up as a temporary shelter for homeless residents of Antor II, Lieutenant Commander Luna Walker and Lieutenant Junior Grade Anjar Thoran became the victims of a cave-in and are trapped behind a wall of rock. Lael and others worked to free them. Finally, the two trapped officers were recovered and returned to the Veritas to be treated for their injuries. (Stardate 239407.08)

You've Lost Your Mind: Lael and Walker get into a disagreement during the briefing with the Antor II governor about a safe course of action to further investigate what happened. Both receive a dress down from Captain Rahman for conduct unbecoming. (Stardate 239407.08)

It's Going To Get Stuck Like That One Day: When the Veritas was attacked by Jilor, Lael lost her balance and slammed her shoulder into a bulkhead, dislocating it. (Stardate 239407.10)

Oh No You Don't: While working with Lieutenant Commander Tristam Core to recover encrypted files stored in the station's logs, Klingons attempted to hack into Outpost 3's systems. She and Core fought to keep them out. (Stardate 239411.09)

Me?! Really?!: When the Astraeus became stranded after a stupid decision by the ship's CO to exceed the recommended warp factor for the region, Lael was assigned to lead the Engineering team to help get the vessel back online so it could be towed to a nearby starbase for repairs. This task became more difficult when the vessel was boarded. Lael, as the ranking officer, had to protect the injured Astraeus crew and find a way to stop the boarders from taking precious resources from the ship. (Stardate 239502.10)

I'm Surprised It Still Functions: Lael gets shot in the shoulder by the intruders while trying to reinforce the forcefield protecting the injured in the Engineering section. (Stardate 239502.10)

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