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<h2 style="margin:0; background:linear-gradient(-90deg, #FFFFFF, #008080, #008080, #FFFFFF); font-size:110%; border-radius: 14px; border:0px; text-align:center; color:#ffffff; padding:0.2em 0.4em;"> '' "A life lived unexplored is a life not worth living." '' </h2>
#REDIRECT[[Dassa Alexander-Dalton]]
<center>'''Lieutenant Commander Dassa Alexander-Dalton''', a Human/Lumerian female, is currently serving as the '''Chief Medical Officer''' aboard the '''USS Veritas'''.</center>
Dassa Willow Alexander-Dalton was born on Qularie IV on Stardate 236102.24 to parents Christian and Jiasa Alexander. Her older brother, Ekras, visited shortly after. From a young age, Dassa showed high cognitive capacity and an unrivaled curiosity about the world around her. By age 2, she was the older sister to brother Areem. Most of her childhood was spent immersed in a world of fantasy and imagination. Among her favorite activities were dancing and playing doctor with her dolls and many stuffed animals as her patients. Though she was shy, she had a close circle of friends throughout her younger years and did well socially. She was well-liked for her compassionate, patient nature.
When she was 12, attacked and mentally assaulted by a boy she was seeing, Dolan Tauneer. He attempted to use her as a vessel for a "mind dump". However, she was able to fight him off. Upon returning home, she told her parents what happen. However, the boy told his parents that she was the one who had assaulted him. She was immediately arrested and locked in a prison cell to await her trial. It took three months for a trial date to be set. She spent a year in prison before she was found not guilty.
Deciding a fresh start on a new world would help Dassa to move on, her parents moved their family to London, England on Earth to reside with her father's parents until such time as they could establish a new life there.
As she entered her teen years, she began taking ballet and violin lessons. She fell in love with her instrument and spent most of her time throughout her teenage years honing her musical talents with dreams of entering Julliard, a prestigious arts academy in New York. She even spent a summer studying music in Venice when she was 15. Those dreams faded to the background as her more practical passion for medicine and helping others became her focus. Following her completion of secondary school, she pursued Pre-Med at University College London, St. George.
She fought through some struggles with anxiety and low-grade depression, but was able to fulfill her dreams when she graduated the University's Doctor of Medicine program with honors (summa cum laude) with specialties in Pediatrics & Surgery. It was during the clinical portion of her program that she was approached by a Starfleet recruiter and offered the chance to put her talents to use for a greater purpose. Enamored with the idea of Starfleet, she entered the Academy and completed the program on Stardate 239105.09.
She served aboard the {{USS|Braveheart}} as a Medical Officer and Surgeon under Theel Ar'i, Chief of Surgery, before she was selected to serve aboard the {{USS|Gorkon}}. When the Gorkon became stuck in an alternate reality, she was offered another posting but elected to remain at Starfleet Medical until the Gorkon's return. She served aboard the {{USS|Gorkon}}, the {{USS|Za}}, the {{USS|Veritas}}, and the {{USS|Astraeus}} respectively for a time as a Medical Officer.
She is currently serving as the Chief Medical Officer of the {{USS|Veritas}}.
|width=200|'''Full Name'''
|Dassa Willow Alexander-Dalton
|'''[[T/E Rating]]'''
|'''Date of Birth'''
|'''Place of Birth'''
|Qularie IV
|'''Marital Status'''
|Married to [[Tobian Dalton]]
|[[Ayden Dalton]]
|'''Current Assignment'''
|'''Current Posting'''
|Chief Medical Officer
|121 lbs
|Slim, Athletic
|'''Hair Color/Length'''
|Shoulder-length chestnut brown
|'''Eye Color'''
|Honey brown
Dassa is spiritual, artistic, peace-loving, friendly and is highly original. She is often described as "offbeat" or "eccentric," and is stimulated by visionary ideas and new experiences. She is highly intellectual, however not so good with practical details and follow-through. Though she is naturally shy, she can be quite social when she is relaxed and comfortable in a situation. She experiences emotional extremes, feeling both good and bad intensively. Dassa has a compassionate view of the world. She has strong intuition and a gift for reading into the actions and thoughts of others. She dislikes confrontation to the point that it stresses her out and can result in a nervous breakdown. Delving into spiritual matters and philosophical ideals is much more important to her than simply managing the details of day-to-day life. For this reason, she struggles to keep track of her possessions, remember appointments, arrive punctually, and to stand up to others. Despite appearances, she's not a pushover and will work hard in the fight for what she believes in. She greatly enjoys her profession because helping others makes her feel good.
* '''Strengths''': She is affectionate, lively and inventive.
* '''Weakneses''': She has a tendency to may blame herself constantly. It is next to impossible to take advice or constructive criticism from family members and from friends or even strangers.
** ''Be careful who you trust. The Devil was once an angel.''<ref>[https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/sb118-gorkon/W1Xb6bWU164/85s8neevAQAJ;context-place=forum/sb118-gorkon|"Be Careful Who You Trust"] from ''A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing''</ref>
** ''When you focus on the snake, you miss the scorpion.''<ref>[https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/sb118-gorkon/UxgEyTBndLQ/IGwfL2xcBQAJ;context-place=forum/sb118-gorkon|"A New Perspective On the Situation"] from ''A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing''</ref>
** ''I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker.'' <ref>[https://groups.google.com/d/msg/sb118-gorkon/xXkttS_-bGI/s9-9PH4pCgAJ ''Awkward Moment...Part I"] </ref>
** ''I'm a doctor, not a space warrior.'' <ref>[https://groups.google.com/d/msg/sb118-gorkon/xXkttS_-bGI/s9-9PH4pCgAJ ''Awkward Moment...Part I"] </ref>
** ''The way out is through.'' <ref>"[https://groups.google.com/d/msg/sb118-gorkon/TO5LcqQdSRU/zIfore_1CwAJ I've Got A Surprise Or Two Up My Sleeve]" from ''Old Hatreds''</ref>
** ''I'm a doctor, not a diplomat.''<ref>"[https://groups.google.com/d/msg/sb118-gorkon/HBkVHr7CBdQ/PDl-rmcZAQAJ Lunch With Diplomatic Discussions, Part II]" from ''Old Hatreds''</ref>
** ''I'm a doctor, not a strategist.'' <ref>"[https://groups.google.com/d/msg/sb118-veritas/XgjaS6zM560/1ACGpBVDAgAJ A Rush of Patients]" from ''E Plurbis Unum''</ref>
'''For more details, see {{s|Dassa Alexander|Personality Profile}}.'''
{{Section|Career History|Teal}}
{{:Dassa Alexander/Starfleet_Record}}
{{Section|Additional Information|Teal}}
'''SUPPLEMENTAL DATA FILE:''' '''[[Dassa_Alexander/Medical_Record|Medical Record]]''' <br>
'''SUPPLEMENTAL DATA FILE:''' '''[[Dassa_Alexander/Psychological_Profile|Psychological Record]]'''<br>
'''SUPPLEMENTAL DATA FILE:''' '''[[Dassa_Alexander/Disciplinary_Record|Disciplinary Record]]'''
{{Section|Organization Memberships|Teal}}
<gallery mode=packed caption=>
Image:Starfleet Medical.png|<font size="2">'''Starfleet Medical, San Francisco, Earth'''</font>|link=[[Starfleet_Medical]]
Image:BAPSlogo.png|<font size="2">'''British Association of Paediatric Surgeons'''</font>
Image:BMAlogo.png|<font size="2">'''British Medical Association'''</font>
<center>{{Start Columns|160}}
* Federation Standard
* Gaelic (Scottish)
* Lumerian
* Italian
* French
* Spanish
* Esperanto (official language of the Al-Leyan homeworld)
* Antosian
* Klingon
* Vulcan
* Romulan
{{End Columns}}</center>
{{Section|Publications and Research|Teal}}
* Alexander, D. <nowiki>"Cross-Species Reproduction and Its Effects on the Children"</nowiki> [Dissertation in Brief] ''SFMJ'', [In progress]
* Alexander, D. and Dr. Y. Somlen. <nowiki>"Telepathy and Empathy in Non-Reader Species: A Case Study"</nowiki> ''SFMJ'', [In progress]
<h4>'''Supervising Author'''</h4>
* '''Alexander, D., Orrey, J., Rosek, L, Skyfire, C [https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/Stem_Cells_and_Nanotechnology_in_Spinal_Injury_Repair Stem Cells and Nanotechnology in Spinal Injury Repair]'''. [https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/Starfleet_Medical_Journals SFMJ], 2394; 321 (6).
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!style="text-transform:uppercase" align=left valign=top|<font size="4"><font color=#5F9EA0>Dassa Alexander-Dalton</font>
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|[[#Career History|Career History]]
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|<small>''[[User:Trekkie0587|About the Writer]]''</small>
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