Daryll, Thayne

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Embassy of Duronis II


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  • Age 12
  • Species: Betazoid
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Dark Brown
  • Father: Farja
  • Mother: Areyn, deceased
  • He is a shy child when it comes to relating to other children as he has experienced only the adult world of his father.

His Skills

  • Thayne, tutored by his father, Farja, has developed his Telepathic and Empathic skills to the highest rating of TE6, enabling him to use them on any species without touch.
  • While he tries to use his skills with disipline, his youthful excitement sometimes makes him forget, and inadvertantly envades the privacy of others.

Reason for being Cryogentically Preserved

  • Farja: Well...I didn't say it was a concise story, though I tried to put my past behind me and turn to a more virtuious life, it seemed others weren't so interested in my reformed life...there were several attempts on my life admittedly all were understandable but they started aiming their anger towards Thayne and I would gladly forfieted my life for my sins, but I would not be here to protect Thayne... to cut a long story short, a good friend of mind suggested cryo-genically freezing ourselves until it was safer...::he laughs:: in retrospect it seemed a strange decision...but desperate times...