Darwin/Victory Ship Chat: 23/24 May 15

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Darwin/Victory Joint Partnership
Darwin-A & Victory Ship Chats

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23rd/24th May 2015

Iniko: Hi! :-) 
Traenor: Hey, Iniko ! Hey, everyone! 
KaelThomas: Morning! 
Alucard_Vess: hey morning? 
KaelThomas: Yes, i'm from the future. 
Alucard_Vess: wow, that's one time difference it's 5 pm here 
@Renos: Hiya How is everyone doing? 
KaelThomas: 7am 
Traenor: Renos knows how I am, I cried to him already. 
Somebody had a yardwork accident this morning.  Woe is me! hehe 
@Renos: Traenor... Shall I send manius over for you buddy? 
He will heal you and berate you for having an accident at the same time 
KaelThomas: berate is putting it nicely 
those eyes... 
Traenor: This is a case of life imitating art. Doesn't Traenor have a bum knee too?? Wonder where I got that inspiration from... 
@Renos: Srerial Killer right KT? 
KaelThomas: Definitely 
Alucard_Vess: Everytime I see Traenor's name I keep thinking "no treble..." 
@Renos: LOL, that sucks. Pretty sure I've done similarly though 
Alucard_Vess: something is wrong with me... 
Traenor: Haha! 
@Renos: So everyone, how has your weekend been so far then? 
Alucard_Vess: pretty good.  First Saturday off in I don't know how long 
Iniko: Mostly consisted of angry baby yelling at me 
@Renos: That's nice Vess! I hope you've been making the best of it and enjoying it 
Iniko - been there done that, got all the sympathy in the world for you 
Alucard_Vess: went to Barnes and Noble for some comics 
Traenor: Ahh, babies.  Cute for like 5 minutes a day, right Iniko ? 
Alucard_Vess: so yeah 
@Renos: Oh nice Vess. Just browsing or did you come away with anything? 
Iniko: They're adorable! But soooo noisy and gross. 
@Renos: They make the most unholy smells. Also - dogs do too 
Alucard_Vess: Batman: Year one and Kingdom Come 
Iniko: Yeah, I got two cats, and they're only a little less nasty 
Traenor: Dogs have the decency to go outside to do so tho... 
@Renos: I think both dogs I had growing up let rip the worst 'carpet slippers' I ever smelt 
Alucard_Vess: all our dogs growing up were outside dogs, so we never had to worry about that 
@Renos: aka 'air biscuits' because the smell is so thick with it that you can almost taste it 
I hope none of you are eating... just saying 
Alucard_Vess: just finished, but I'm not grossed out by much 
@Renos: Just as well 
I'm done being a pig now *oink oink* 
Alucard_Vess: dog farts may be bad, but be glad you don't have to tiptoe around doggie land mines at work 
Iniko: What are doggie land mines? 
Alucard_Vess: turds 
@Renos: I might have the benefit of being on both the Darwin and Victory but for everyone elses benefit, let's hear about what's been going on IC lately 
doggie landmines? 
Alucard_Vess: see my last 
@Renos: right 
Alucard_Vess: I locate underground utilities, so I have to go on peoples yards, so... 
@Renos: Ah I was gonna ask 
Alucard_Vess: So, IC we just got the Victory back 
@Renos: Yay 
Tarna missed out on such an awesome re-christening ceremony 
Alucard_Vess: and Sevo is floating mid-air 
@Renos: But you can totally read it in Top Sims 
Alucard_Vess: or search it on the website, whichever is easier ;) 
@Renos: Tarna is my Trill medic. He's awol right now. I am wondering how Vess (his new boss) is going to react to that one 
Iniko: Why is he awol? 
@Renos: Darwinians - let's tell Vess about what we have been up to too :) 
Traenor: Science! 
Alucard_Vess: hey, I AM the only Victorian, the heck? 
Traenor: And some diplomacy, but mostly Science! 
Alucard_Vess: Oh, and Tarna should be afraid.  Very afraid. ;) 
@Sundassa: I am the only Doyle officer here too 
Alucard_Vess: I'm thinking Graveyard shifts for him 
@Renos: It's be a miracle if Tarna doesn't leave Starfleet altogether (or do worse tbh) the way things are right now 
I'm sure he'd like that 
Also Vess 
Alucard_Vess: The nightshift is peaceful at least 
@Renos: If he doesn't leave expect him to be late for a few shifts, fail to turn up for others and if he is on graveyard - well he might be asleep on a free bed till a patient comes to wake him up for some service 
Alucard_Vess: what kind of science are you all doing? 
sleeping is what all docs do, the ER my mom nurses at even has a special crash room unless they get a lot of patients 
Traenor: We are sussing out the mysteries of a flooded planet and an ancient forgotten religion... We haven't seen Indiana Jones yet, but he might show up at any minute. 
@Renos: Iniko he went awol to go to an appointment with the Trill evaluation board. This Co said he couldn't go (he's not medically fit to go anywhere as he has brain damage. But since he has brain damage he's not making rational or good decisions) 
So he upped and left 
Alucard_Vess: yeah, and almost got killed in the process 
flooded planet, nice 
@Renos: Well he nearly killed himself through bad shuttle piloting and navigational choices too... 
Alucard_Vess:two words: Seaquest DSV 
KaelThomas: I used to LOVE that show 
Alucard_Vess: he won't be replacing Alucard at the helm... 
@Renos: Heck yeah, talking dolphin, that's all we need 
Iniko: We just found a super creepy ancient generator room 
Alucard_Vess: the talking dolphin was named Darwin... 
@Renos: Pretty sure Lyldra discovered some dolphin-like not-dolphin creatures at one point 
KaelThomas: :-) 
@Renos: Get them back and get a chat going. Suddenly the Asavii aren't the only sentient species any more. dun dun dun 
Iniko: heh more secrets 
@Renos: We'll fill our sphere with water from the ocean put the talking not-dolphins in it for keeps 
Hello mascot 
Alucard_Vess: the show went downhill after Roy Scheider left 
@Renos: Yeah Vess it did. My partner loves that show 
KaelThomas: Jaws! 
@Renos: That young boy was a bit Wesley-ish and annoying 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Seaquest was rad. 
Alucard_Vess: really, the second season space stuff kinda helped... 
Lucas Wolenczak was a good character, I agree 
@Renos: Also, Iniko I am looking forward to finding out just what is in that generator room 
Ayiana_Sevo: Hey yea. Got distracted and totally forgot 
Alucard_Vess: yes! Another Victorian! 
@Renos:hey hey 
Hi there Sevo! :) 
How are you? 
Ayiana_Sevo: Making LCARS 
@Renos: Nice! 
We were just talking about what's been going on Ic on our ships 
Traenor: Hey Ayiana!  Welcome! 
Ayiana_Sevo: ayiana is crowdsurfing apparently. then vess shuts off the gravity around her 
@Renos: LOL :D 
Alucard_Vess: well, yeah.  What's the point of rank if you can't pull it? 
@Renos: I love it. Vess is such a cool character 
Alucard_Vess: coulda been worse.  I could have started some rave music and replicated a disco ball :) 
Ayiana_Sevo: Mariannete would have kicked you out 
@Renos: Someone did similar to one of my previous PCs once 
There was also the most annoying holographic entity to go with it 
So - what is the funniest thing that ever happened to your character? 
(if your character is new, maybe something from Academy days?) 
Alucard_Vess: The day his son was born, he was the first to change his diaper.  Anyone who has had baby boys knows they can't control things.  Luckily, Alucard was able to dodge the stream... 
Ayiana_Sevo: my pahkwa-thanh almost ate Ayiana's new bird 
im crowdsurfing in zero-g in a skirt 
i punched a romulan 
take your pick 
Traenor: Traenor got busted bringing booze onto the bridge while on duty. 
Alucard_Vess: Trill girl problems... 
Iniko: Not much to work with yet. Iniko had an allergic reaction to the holodeck, somehow 
Ayiana_Sevo: ...how 
are you allergic to light? 
Alucard_Vess: alregic to photons? 
@Renos: Traenor that booze stuff was soooooo funny 
Iniko: I have no idea! 
@Renos: Well it will be fun to explore! If you want to throw some ideas around for that one let me and/or other staff know 
we're all here today too, yay *waves* 
Iniko:I forgot I was on the holodeck when I wrote it. I'm interested to see what happened 
Alucard_Vess: at least she won't get holo-addiction 
Iniko: Very true 
* Traenor is furiously planning an all-holodeck mission... 
@Renos: Actually... 
Alucard_Vess: or maybe she will.  that would be interesting 
@Renos: I already semi-kinda had something in mind along those lines 
Iniko: Possibly something to do with fielding and lomale physiology 
Alucard_Vess: Batman! 
Ayiana_Sevo: Victory Batman Holodeck 
courtesy of tarsii 
@Renos: It was actually inspired by that batman stuff 
Alucard_Vess: although it kinda evolved to all DC universe capture the flag 
KaelThomas: Can we all be superheroes?' 
Alucard_Vess: sure 
@Renos: It won't *be* along those lines but it got me thinking of those cool episodes on Trek, like with Moriarty or sailing ships 
Iniko  ^ cool idea 
Alucard_Vess: http://forums.starbase118.net/index.php/topic/11911-holodeck-gotham-city/ 
@Renos: Cheers Vess 
@Renos: Reminds me to update our quiz on the forums, now that I'm caught up IC after that internet outage 
KaelThomas: Yes, hand over those points 
@Renos: LOL. Well we'll see who has earned em 
@Renos: In a few months we have a joined Darwin/Victory shuttle race coming up soon 
A few people here have signed up to join in already 
Each team generally has 2 to 3 people in. A pilot is an obvious choice, or an engineer to design/build the shuttle 
Iniko is that something your character might be up for joning in with? 
Iniko: Maybe! 
Is there anybody looking for an engineer? 
@Renos: Any teams got an open slot? 
This engineer is a real good pick, so you better be quick is all I'm sayin' ;P 
Iniko: Aww thanks! 
@Renos: We have a few new players who might be up for it - Rennyn would be a good potential choice as he could pilot. I don't know if he's got a team yet 
Lyldra also has a helmsman for a MI:PNPC, so another good option there 
If you want to join in you won't be stuck 
Anyone know of any Victorians who might be up for it and go for a hybrid team? 
Ayiana_Sevo: didnt we get a new pilot? 
Alucard_Vess: Stoyer 
Ayiana_Sevo: yes 
@Renos: Well he might not have heard about it yet. So that could be pretty cool potentially :D 
Alucard_Vess: I believe he's currently in the crowd surrounding you while you float 
@Renos: Someone should tell him IC xD 
Alucard_Vess: Ayiana might want to rethink wearing skirts in the future... 
just saying 
@Renos: LOL indeed, Vess,  indeed 
Ayiana_Sevo: >.> 
@Renos: If your character could have any pet aboard that they wanted - what would they pick? 
Alucard_Vess: Alucard has wolfhounds and children, he has all the pets he needs 
Ayiana_Sevo: Xanti might want an alligator 
@Renos: I think Nicu Icavoc (Dokkaran, aka plant species) would have one of the small species of dragon from his homeworld given half a chance. It would have to be a non-fire breathing species otherwise he might go up like kindling in the middle of the night. 
Iniko: Some sort of land octopus that'll curl all its tentacles around your arm and ride on your shoulder 
KaelThomas: Mini Pig! 
@Renos: Cute Iniko 
Traenor: Awesome ideas! 
KaelThomas: Gotta run guys sorry!!! 
been a pleasure as always 
@Renos: I can just imagine Traenor having a beagle 
Traenor: Have a god one, KT! 
@Renos: Thanks for joining us :D 
KaelThomas: cya later! 
Traenor: ^good one 
Sorry, a bit of a zzom there. 
@Renos: haha, so it was Traenor 
Which brings to to a possibly amusing, final question for the night 
What is the most amusing typo you have made? 
Ayiana_Sevo: Uh..I don't really recall making typos. At least not embarrassing ones. 
Alucard_Vess: honestly can't remember, but I'm sure there were some 
@Renos: Well amusing. Not necessarily embarrassing. 
Ayiana_Sevo: same difference 
Alucard_Vess: the difference is who's reading, the writer or the end-reader 
@Renos: Maybe to you. LOL. I'm sure in one of my first sims I made a typo referring to one of the other characters and hoping they enjoyed 'sims' as much as my character did 
It was something like that and a few people spotted it and got a chuckle 
I can't even remember what I was actually trying to say but it was pretty funny 
Traenor: I proof my posts pretty OCD before sending them, so all my typos are done during IM or texts. 
Iniko: I said my character was 6'11" . . . not completely outrageous, but that would have made for a pretty different character. 
Traenor: But, I just blame autocorrect. 
Ayiana_Sevo: same as traenor. i'm pretty zealous with proofreading 
@Renos: That's where the bulk of mine are too. haha yeah that darned auto correct xD 
Alucard_Vess: same here, I never add the address until I'm ready to send 
@Renos: I'm the same with that Vess. I made a mistake once or putting in the address before it was ready and accidentally sending it early by pressing a short keys combination I didn't even know existed 
@Renos:Well folks thanks very much for attending our joint ship chat. It's always fun to get to know you a little better and have a little friendly banter 
I hope to see you all again same time, same place, next month