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Darwin/Victory Joint Partnership
Darwin-A & Victory Ship Chats

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Highlights:- The Darwin/Victory Joint Partnership was announced,as well as the results of a poll to rename the Darwin's lounge. The Darwin announced an upcoming multi-species initiative and thanked Lieutenant JG Maxwell Traenor for his hard work on the Darwin's mission archives. The Victory announced the completion of the wiki to reflect the ship's refit. After some general socialising a Question and Answer session was held and the resulting discussion covered topics such as how to submit mission ideas and whether to keep all the tags in when replying to briefing sims, or just that which is relevant to your character.


Highlights:- The chat started off with a brief announcement of promotions aboard the Darwin. Additionally, all characters participating in the Victory's What Happened at Luxis III and The Darwin's The Lost Souls stories received a Prometheus Campaign service ribbon for this year's Fleet-Wide Plot Arc. Reminder and discussions regarding the Victory/Darwin Deep Space Six Shuttle Race occurred; it clarified how the course is set up and who is on a team thus far. Currently Darwin has 2 teams and Victory has 1. The amount of participation in the plot will go towards determining the winners. It was also encouraged to start discussion on ways to help "flesh out" little-known races; seeking out tips from those who have simmed such races. The chat ended with an open discussion regarding current IC events on board each ship.


Highlights:- A new campaign region has been announced; the Tempest Sector, within which the Victory currently operates, will be only a portion of this new area. The Darwin will be operating out of an abandoned Dyson Sphere! The new area will contain new adversaries, including The Consortium, a defense contract company that partially deals with Starfleet. In celebration of the Victory's rechiristening, Lt. Tarsii Asmara made an excellent commemorative image!