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((Chemistry Lab, USS Darwin-A))

:: After heading back to the Chem room, blood samples in hand, James immediately found himself rather... lost. James was starting to wish he knew just a little bit about the medical sciences, biochemistry et al. He was completely unsuited for them, but as someone who usually prides themselves on having *something* to contribute to every conversation, he was starting to feel a bit... unusual. Then, this mission had been quite unusual in general for him so why stop now. James needed a scientist, and right now he could only think of one who wasn't otherwise involved. ::

James: =/\= James to Ensign Phos. =/\=

Phos: =/\= Yes, Lieutenant? =/\=

:: James paused. It was surprising how quickly he'd got used to being called Commander... ::

James: =/\= To be precise, Commander as of a few hours ago. I could do with your help in Chem Lab 1, I'll explain more when you get here. =/\=

Phos: ::In a slightly surprised voice:: =/\= OK, I'll be down now. =/\=

:: James sat down next to an analysis console. Maybe staring at the data would make him suddenly learn Chemistry... ::

((A short while later))

:: James turned around as the door at the rooms back opened, waiting for the Laudian Ensign to come further into the room before he started talking. ::

Phos: ::smiling:: Commander. You called?

James: Yes. I could use your assistance in some chemical analysis. The Captain and Commander Brice are in sickbay, and we suspect they may have been exposed to a chemical my team was previously analysing.

:: James watched as Aigle reacted to the news. It was quite interesting how her expression cycled from Shocked to Concerned to Determined or at least that is what James amused the expressions represented. ::

Phos: Right... So I assume you've got bloodwork. Maybe a bioscan?

James: The ::avoiding looking at it:: Sample. Is here. As for the bioscans, I believe they are being sent to us.

Phos: OK.

:: Phos stepped over and took the seat next to James. She also took control of the console, looking at the analysis James had preformed on the blood (No mean feat when you can't actually look at or smell it.) She seemed deeply interested in the lines and squiggles on the screen... Not that he could talk given the amount of time he spent benchmarking the Darwin's systems and looking at just that. ::

Phos: Do you have any data on the drug itself?

James: I believe it should also be on the console... I also have a working holographic model if it needs to be investigated in vetro?

:: Phos gently nodded at him, eyes still fixed on the console, which now had several different streams of data al in different colours. James guessed she was comparing the chemical composition of the drug to... something. James got up, preparing the hologram for use. He suspected that it might have some use... at the very least it kept him busy. James had just got it set up when he hared Aigle speaking to him. ::

Phos: James. It didn't have any reaction on the Terran subject, right?

James: No, it didn't.

Phos: And it had some effect on the Haiilian.

James: Right.

:: James wondered where this line of thought was taking her. ::

Phos: So. What do both Haiilians and Laudians have in common, that Terrans don't.

:: A very good question, now that James thought about it. Perhaps there was some chemical that either the two species had, or lacked that caused the chemical to react that way with them... ::

James: I'm afraid I don't know... We could find out though? What if we where to run a simulation comparing all the known Chemicals in the three species against the drug, that way we could find which ones react and which ones do not.

Phos: OK, I'll run that now.

:: Phos turned around for a few minutes, pulling up the relevant program. James hoped that it would come up with something... In truth, he didn't want to show up in Sickbay empty handed. And the quicker the Captain was healed the quicker James could get the Warp Core back operational not to mention the the quicker the Captain was healed, the quicker the Captain was healed. That was always a good thing. ::

Phos: So, ::looking at James' shoulder:: I see congratulations are in order.

:: James nodded. He supposed they were. It wasn't that he didn't feel immense pride that Starfleet had chosen to recognise him again and as always, he was prepared and even enjoying the increased responsibility but... He always felt a little odd at having people congratulate him for doing his job. In his eyes, he always saw his best as the minimum that should be expected from him. Still, the gesture was welcome. ::

James: I seem to remember you rather looking forward to coming to the the Darwin, on the way here. Is it as expected?

:: Aigle smiled, broadly. Yes she had been excited on that cruise, even if she was somewhat upset at having to say goodbye to Captain Waltas and the crew of the Discovery. ::

Phos: Yes. It certainly is. The work is stimulating, the people are awesome its just... So much better than what I had waiting for me on Til'ahn.

:: That piqued James' attention. During the month that they had travelled together, she had not once mentioned her home world. Then, neither had James, but James was significantly less social that she was and she had certainly talked about most other aspects of her life. ::

James: Til'ahn... That's Duronis II isn't it... What is it like, I'm rather...

:: Before James could carry on a beeping noise interrupted him, to James' slight disappointment. It seemed that they would have to resume this another time. ::

Phos: It seems that the drug reacts badly to a certain Enzyme found in Terrans... I'm packaging up the data now so it can be sent up to Sickbay.

:: James nodded, hoping that this would mean that everything would be finished soon. ::

James: Thank you, Ensign. :: James hit his combadge :: =/\= James to Dr. Corbin =/\=

Corbin: =/\=Howdy, Corbin here. =/\=

James: =/\= We've had a breakthrough in the search for a cure. It seems there is a certain Enzyme that reacts with the Chemical breaking it down. =/\=

Corbin: =/\= Commander Brice came up with the same idea Chief. =/\=

James: =/\= Ensign Phos is sending you the data now. =/\=

Corbin: =/\= Thank you Chief... =/\=

James: =/\= What should we do now. Is there anything else we need to investigate? =/\=

Corbin: =/\= Yes, make sure the enzyme works with different physiologies we might find but otherwise, well done. =/\=

Lt. Commander James

Chief Engineer

USS Darwin-A


Enign Aigle Phos

Science Officer

USS Darwin-A

Dif-tor heh smusma.

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Live long and prosper.