Darwin-A & Victory Ship Chats

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Darwin-A & Victory Ship Chats

What are ship chats?

Darwin/Victory Joint Partnership
Darwin-A & Victory Ship Chats

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The Darwin and Victory hold a joint ship chat every month as part of our joint ship initiative. What does this mean?

The two ships intend to share a campaign region in the future and will be participating in detailed stories that cover both ships. We’re not going to tell you exactly when this is set to happen but good things are ahead. Things that may include joint missions, officer exchanges (this would be for a set period such as a mission) and more.

Both ships share similar philosophies and the same passion and desire when it comes to supporting our players regardless of skill or experience to strive for improvement. These joint ship chats are a great opportunity to make exciting announcements, build cross-ship links socially, work on potential missions and plot arcs in the future and hold writing workshops to discuss various aspects of writing.

When are ship chats held?

We've tried very hard to take into account the various timezones and availability of the two crews and because we're committed to enabling as many people to attend these as possible we to host 2 a month, on the same week! The agenda is the same for both, so simmers are welcome to attend either or both depending on time constraints and preference.

Chats are held every third week of the month at the following times. (Always check your time zone for accuracy/DST if applicable)

May 2015 -7GMT (PDT) -5 GMT (CDT) -4 GMT (EDT) GMT (UK) GMT +10 (AEST)
Monday 15th Tuesday 16th
Chat 1 2-3pm 4-5pm 5-6pm 10-11pm 6-7am
Saturday 20th Sunday 21st
Chat 2 2-3pm 4-5pm 5-6pm 10-11pm 6-7am

Darwin-A & Victory Ship Chats