Darren Hammer

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Civilian Darren Hammer is currently working on the USS Thor.

Crew of the USS Thor


Civilian Darren Hammer


  • Height: 6'2
  • Weight: 185 lb
  • Hair: Grey
  • Eyes: Blue



  • Samuel Hammer, Father, Deceased (79)
  • Trinity (Danvers) Hammer, Mother, Deceased (78)


Darren Hammer is an all around happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He's traveled all around the Alpha Quadrant and almost always has a story to tell about it. His smile often lights up the room and his banter often gives his patrons a sense of warmth. He loves his work, but doesn't prioritize it above fun. Of course, he loves a good drink, but knows how to control himself.


Darren was born on Earth in Denver, Colorado in 2347. From there he grew up an only child in a loving household. His childhood was fairly uneventful, he spent most of it at home in Denver, but he longed to travel the world. After graduating from high school, he took a leap and moved to Ireland to begin studying at the Trinity College at Dublin for a degree in business. This was his first time away from home and it was a major culture shock. He spent most of his time either in class or in the local pub, which eventually he got a job at. Through work colleagues, he began to learn about the sport of bowling. There was a league in the city and Darren had decided to see what it was all about. The experience mesmerized him. The way the ball elegantly curved into the pins, the delicate balance of speed and curve needed to get a strike, even the smell of oil on the lanes. He fell in love.

After graduating with his bachelor's degree, Darren decided it was about time to go back home. After doing some research, he had found that Denver had a thriving bowling culture, but few lanes. It was the perfect business opportunity. He opened his first bowling alley in Denver named Hammer Bowling Center and Bar. It grew and grew in popularity, eventually becoming known as the best bowling alley in the city. But he noticed a theme with his customers. They all seemed to experience some sort of secondhand nostalgia for ancient times, when bowling was first getting it's start. He knew there was a market for that and he had to tap into it. When he began plans for his second location in Boulder, it was themed, rather than on modernity, but on a retro aesthetic. Real wood flooring, a mock video arcade, pool tables, and of course, a bar. It was an instant hit.

Soon his bowling empire grew and grew, he had to start franchising in order to keep up. He had locations all over the Federation, and even a few in the Klingon empire. He had traveled to each and every one of them and met great people he never would have met otherwise. Even Star Fleet wanted a piece of the pie, requesting that a 1920s Earth themed franchise be installed in one of their Vesta class star ships, the Thor. Years later, well after his bowling alley empire had reached it's peak, Darren caught word that the same ship carrying one of his franchises was soon going to embark on a journey into unexplored territory. The businessman felt the spark of adventure still left inside him light up when he heard the news. He soon got permission from Star Fleet to intercept the Thor and join them for their mission as manager for Hammers Bowling Alley. This would be the greatest adventure of his life...