Dark Wonderland! (Atlantis)

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  • Duration - ?
  • Mission Name - Dark Wonderland!
  • Mission Tag - A holodeck celebration takes a wrong turn when a malevolent character takes the crew prisoner.

Mission Summary

Following the promotions ceremony which also saw Raj Blueheart promoted to the rank of Captain, there was a lavish carnival-themed holographic party planned for the crew of the Atlantis by engineer Lt JG Gardener on DS26. While the crew performed various acts in a Circus, showing off their many hidden talents, without warning, the environment in the holodeck changed into a dark and foreboding snow-covered forest. The crew finds itself trapped inside the holodeck with safety controls off and with no escape. Before the crew could figure out what was happening, they are herded into a castle by strange mythical beasts.

Once inside the castle, it becomes known that they are at the mercy of the holographic EMH-Shryker entity that was last seen briefly in the last mission. The EMH-Shryker lays out a series of tasks for the crew to accomplish purely for her amusement. The crew must successfully complete their tasks if they ever wish to leave the holodeck. As the officers attempt to carry out their tasks, they find themselves slowly morphing into various fairy-tale and mythical characters!

The crew were morphed into characters of different tales, like a fairy, captain hook, peter pan, the sleeping beauty and others, and they're faced by different quests and enigmas to reach the central castle to liberate Gwen Gardener that was kept as a hostage from the EMH-Shryker. After many difficulties, including flying a pirate ship into the castle, they managed to confront the altered EMH program and beat it, by kissing Gwen with a true love kiss.