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Daris Colony

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The Daris colony is a Federation science outpost located on Daris II in the Daris system.

The original purpose of the colony was the study of the civilization indigenous to Daris I, while terraforming Daris II. Originally, the USS Xanth was designated to serve the colony and transport both Admiral Wolf and the crew. Unfortunately, the ship's warp core and communications were sabotaged while en route to Starbase 118, and Admiral Wolf was forced to redesignate another ship.

The colony was then served by the USS Mantis, an Intrepid class vessel, chosen because of its ability to land on the planet's surface. The Mantis and the colony both fell under the administrative command of StarBase 118 and was considered a remote outpost.

Due to serious seismic activity which led to a breach of the protective dome, the colony was evacuated and abandoned. The Mantis was reassigned within Starfleet. The colony had only been active for 8 months, from SD237509 to SD237605.

Later investigation concluded that the seismic activity was caused by a species which habituated in the subterraneous caverns of the planet.

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These images are not indicative of the external geography of Daris II colony. They merely provide a rough idea of the layout of the buildings and landscaping inside the dome. Click on any image to see a larger view.

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