Daphne Amalakis

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Daphne Amalakis

Daphne Amalakis is a freelance journalist and since 2393 part of the Federation News Service.


  • Full name: Daphne Amalakis
  • Date of birth: May 09, 2357
  • Age: 43
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Status: PNPC of User:Tonya Lang.

Professional Life

She began her journalistic career in 2381 as a member of the Mars Culture Magazine and the Martian Daily Press on her homeplanet. In 2388 she joined the Martian News Network and still is an active member. Since her first child was born in 2391, she continued her journalistic work not until the end of 2392. During the years of practicizing her profession, she specialized in society reports as she was nominated for several prizes for the article series of her two-year-journey through the Alpha Quadrant where she discussed the social problems and strained relations throughout the Federation.

Private Life

Daphne Amalakis met her husband Rick Callero in 2385, during her two-year-journey through Federation space on a transport shuttle on her way to Kronos. They soon fell for each other and finally married in 2389 in Daphne's homecity on Mars. Two years later, in September 2391, their first child Alexander Amalakis was born and Daphne was on maternity leave just until December 2392.