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Commander Danny Wilde was the Alternate Universe counterpart of Lt.Commander Danny Wilde. In this dimension he was the bitter, disgraced former CO of DS17, then a renegade. He was killed in 2385 after escaping to France with Idril Mar, before sacrificing himself for his lost love.


  • Full Name: Danny Wilde
  • Race: Terran
  • Rank: Commander
  • Date of Birth: 235602.14
  • Place of Birth: Kensington, London, Earth
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic Status: 0
  • Current Status: Deceased (Suicide)
  • Date of Death: 238506.08
  • Place of Death: Calais, France


  • Height: 6' 2"
  • Wight: 120 lbs
  • Hair Colour: Light Brown
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Scars/Distinguishing Marks: Same as Regular Danny Wilde
  • Accent: English R.P
  • Handedness: Left


Everything in this Danny's life equals the regular Danny's life until the point a few months into his recruitment at Starfleet Intelligence. Unbeknownst to either Danny, Idril Mar and Ensign Ben Walker stole a shuttle from the USS Independence to track him down. In the regular universe the shuttle was attacked and the occupents rescued by the AI driven prototype Achilles Class USS Achilles. In the Alternate Universe, Achilles never came, and Idril died. Afterwards Danny threw himself into his Intelligence work and became bitter and withdrawn, staging a timely takeover of command of DS17 when all the senior officers were killed in action during the Battle for DS17. Since Idril was dead, she couldn't sacrifice the USS Independence by warp-ramming it into the Gorn flagship, the 'Emperor's Fang'. Danny commissioned his engineers (believed to be Ethan Brice, Jackford Kolk and Sarah Reed) to build a Transphasic Rift machine which would allow him to transport weapons, medicine and supplies from the alternate universe. He succeeded in doing so, then began abducting engineers to help repair the station. He finally stopped the experiment after hearing his lost love's voice in a communique from the parallel universe. It is unclear whether or not DS17 survived the oncoming Gorn fleet's attack.

Relationship with Lieutenant Ben Walker

Danny blamed Ben Walker wholeheartedly for the death of Idril, and Ben himself became withdrawn and feeble as a result of seeing his superior officer die. Commander Wilde would often belittle and torment the Lieutenant as a means of personal punishment. He had a rapport with Lt.Commander Walker from the alternate universe, but found it more amusing to think of his own Ben Walker like he is. It is revealed later that Commander Wilde had given Lt. Walker specific orders, and purposely transported him to the parallel universe to gather information on Idril Mar.

Relationship with Jackford Kolk

Jack was Ethan's second in command of engineering - and as such - second in command of the Transphasic Rift project. When Ethan died under mysterious circumstances, Danny blamed Jack for murder. However, due to a shortage of supplies and manpower Danny couldn't imprison him. Instead Jack rose the rank to Chief Engineer and Chief of Project but the hatred between the two men erupted when Jack took credit for the Rift machine himself. Danny threatened to beat him, and refuse to promote him when he questioned Danny's orders regarding sending Ben to the parallel universe. Jack escaped the stations brig and transported himself to the opposite universe where he still resides, in stasis after attacking Lt.Commander Wilde of that universe.

'Evil' Jack Kolk in 2385

Evil Kolk was released from his Stasis prison on DS17 by Commander Danny Wilde sometime prior to 2385. Together they formed a plan to capture Idril Mar and make a getaway using the Boridium Reactor device designed by Kolk. It is later revealed that Jackford the Swine plans to double cross his former Commander and kill him.

Relationship with Ethan Brice

As usual, Ethan was Danny's best friend, and it is implied that he helped the Commander come to terms with Idril's death. He trusted Ethan specifically with the details of the Transphasic Rift Device and was shocked and saddened to hear of his death. He blamed Jack Kolk thoroughly and sought his revenge accordingly. He met his long dead friend in our universe after kidnapping Idril Mar and Danny Wilde, and posing as the latter as CTO of the Ronin. He regrets Ethan having died and wishes him to join his forces, allowing him to escape before being confronted by Commander Walker.

Relationship with Jhen Thelev

Jhen was a new recruit to DS17 at the time of the initial Gorn Invasion, and was posted as a security member during the attack. He alerted Commander Wilde of Jack Kolks' scheme to flee the station and made an attempt to stop him. It was later confirmed that during the Battle for Eratis, Jhen was promoted to Danny's Chief of Security, but was left on the station was Wilde made his escape after setting the destruct sequence. Alternate Jhen made a reappearance in 2385 in our universe after being brought there by the Evil Kolk. Unbeknownst to either Danny or Jack, Jhen infact was still loyal to his Commander, despite several injuries from the Gorn. After Danny sacrificed himself for Idril, Jhen vapourised them both by overloading his phaser rifle. He saluted his former CO before the blast in a touching tribute.


After the wedding of Captain Idril Mar and LtCmd Danny Wilde, Idril was abducted from their hotel. It was later revealed that the culprit was none other than Commander Danny Wilde, of the Alternate Universe. He explains that he's been spying on Idril ever since their initial meeting the previous year and the news of her wedding sent him into action. Since he destroyed DS17 in his universe - will most of the hands onboard as well as Gorn invaders, he's fallen from grace with Starfleet, and been disowned by SFI. It is clear that since he's abducted Idril his state of mind is not all that it was and he's intent on living as her husband himself. His England base is an ancient WW2 bunker converted with an underground monorail to his French base of Calais. He planned to resign from Starfleet and take his wife to start a family, but his plans were halted by the treachery of Evil Jack Kolk, who has poisoned Idril and attacked Danny. It is then revealed that Alternate Jhen Thelev is in our universe, apparently working with Evil Kolk.

Death in France

Cornered and attacked by Evil Kolk in France, Danny was about to meet death at the hands of his former CoS - Jhen Thelev. Little did he know that the Andorian was still loyal to him, and allowed Evil Jack to escape. After Idril was injected with a neurolytic poison, Danny sacrificed his own health for his lost love by giving up all of his regenerative nanoprobes - leaving his body to be ravaged by ACD once again. Sparing him the agonizing death, Jhen overloaded his phaser rifle - vapourising them both.