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Danny Wilde

Starfleet Intelligence
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Danny Wilde
Position Training Commander
DOB 235908.04

“Ignis usque ad consummationem saeculi (Fire until the End)”


Lieutenant Commander Danny Wilde is a Commander of Training for Field Operations at Starfleet Intelligence.


  • Full Name: Daniel ? ? Wilde
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Race: Human
  • Date of Birth: Stardate 235908.04
  • Place of Birth: Kensington, London, England
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: 0


  • Height: 6' 3"
  • Weight: 13 stone 5
  • Hair Color: Light Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Tattoo's/Modifications: Tattoo on the right shoulder. "Brethren of the Ronin".
  • Distinguishing Marks/Scars: Borg Regeneration unit on the base of neck (the size of a domino). Usually hides it with high collared uniforms. Slightly crooked nose evident of a break which didn't heal well (caused by his wife.)
  • Taste in Clothing (When off Duty): Typical pant/jacket combo. Formal style, deep colours.
  • Accent: English R.P
  • Handedness: Left

Quirks and Habits

  • Quarters: Decorated in dark, deep tones.
  • Favourite Room: The Lounge
  • Least Favourite Room: Engineering
  • Habits:
    • Involuntarily raises his right eyebrow a lot. It can work for any range of emotion/situation.
    • Rubs his temples when he is annoyed.
  • Quirks:
    • Is a very good dancer
    • Named his favourite phaser "Miss Scarlett"
  • Religion: Non-religious
  • Hobbies:
    • Poker
  • Temperament: Friendly and mischievous. Can be quite strict on duty.
  • Complexes/Phobias:
    • Alpha Male Syndrome
    • Once described as having a Superhero Complex: Feels the need to be the hunter/provider of a group
    • Some emotional expressive issues and neuroses from having overbearing parents.
    • Fear of Romulans after his experiences on the Romulan Prison Ship 'Torval'.
  • Limitations: Considers his Borg implant to be his biggest limitation, as it controls most of his cellular functions. He wishes to be 'normal' in regards to governing his own body.
  • Personal Achievements: His marriage to his wife, despite their many setbacks at getting to the altar.
  • Personal Disappointments: Too many to mention.


Danny Wilde is considered by some to be an enigma character. He is charming and sophisticated, and a friend to everyone, yet can be proud and secret at other times. Originally the Casanova of the Independence due to his many flirtations, he is now more commonly known as one of the Ithassa Regions pranksters. He is famed for his friendly, informal style of command, but if the need arises, he will step up to the challenge to defend Starfleets and the Federations principles. He balances his serious side with a humorous, practical-joker side which people often don't believe true.

Before his joining of Starfleet Intelligence, he was often seen as the ship's stick-in-the-mud, but has changed drastically over time. He attributes his tenure as a spy combined with his long-term relationship with Idril Mar to be the key things that mellowed him out. He is extremely proud of his English heritage, and claims he can trace his lineage back to the 12th Century and also states that the Wilde's were as important in history as the Picard's and the Smith's. He is a lover of ceremony and celebration, and relishes the chance to throw on his dress whites and organise parties for the crew. He enjoys the visit of high ranking Starfleet officers, and claims that "the food and drink is better" than it is for regular officers, for which he gets a reputation for being a bit of a snob.

The Brethren of the Ronin

Danny, his best friend and partner in mischief Ethan Brice, and several others of his closest friends, including Ben Walker, Karynn Brice, Jhen Thelev, and Will Rogers have tattoo's which they got when drunk on Danny's stag night/farewell party for the senior staff of the Ronin (who merged with the senior staff of the Independnece-A). The tattoo says "The Brethren of the Ronin", and is located on the right shoulder. It was later revealed that under the influence of too much alcohol, Jhen Thelev has a second tattoo on his behind.

The House of Meltak

In 2383 on the order of Starfleet Intelligence, Danny was sent to help a Klingon Noble House uncover an assassination attempt. The head of The House of Meltak was so impressed and grateful for his help and discretion inducted him as a formal member of the family. The House of Meltak and the Wilde family have shared a strong bond ever since. Danny became good friends to T'Wrath, and shared a few misadventures.

There's Only One Danny Wilde?

Mirror Universe Duy Danny Wilde (Mirror)

Alternate Universe Commander Danny Wilde (Alternate)

The Wilde Family

There has always been a tradition among the men of the Wilde family that they all have two middle names. Danny has refused to disclose his two middle names, and despite some digging around by his friends, there is no mention of them on any official Starfleet record. There is a family rumour - which Joanna refuses to confirm (and which Sidney will boast about when he's had a few too many whiskeys) that one of Danny's middle names is 'Lucifer'. His son, Jasen, is named Jasen Halla Ethan Wilde, named so for Idril's twin brother Halla, and Danny's best friend, Ethan Brice.

  • Marital Status: Married to Fleet-Captain Idril Mar

They were married on 238505.31. Idril currently serves as Head of Projects at Utopia Planitia shipyard, Mars, and Danny has become a trainer of Field Agents at Starfleet Intelligence. To split the commute between Earth and Mars, they now live on Luna. Their pet name for each other is 'Dear Heart'.

Service History

Danny joined Stafleet Academy in 2373, taking an interest in security and tactical courses. In his final year he almost failed his entire year because of the Final Engineering Exam. He re-took this exam three times before passing it, and graduated Starfleet Academy in 2377. The ships he served on before transferring to Starfleet Intelligence in 2393 were:

USS Constitution-logo.png Galaxy-scale.png
USS Constitution-BGalaxy class
UFOPgrayseal-square.png Steamrunner-scale.png
USS Phoenix-CSteamrunner class
UFOPgrayseal-square.png New Orleans-scale.png
USS IndependenceNew Orleans class
UFOPgrayseal-square.png Akira-scale.png
USS RoninAkira class
Fleetopslogo.png Prometheus-scale.png
USS Independence-APrometheus class
Tigerlogo.png Prometheus-scale.png
USS Tiger-APrometheus class
Victorylogo.png Intrepid-scale.png
USS VictoryIntrepid class
USS Gorkon-logo.png Sovereign-scale.png
USS GorkonSovereign class
Avandarlogo.png Luna-scale.png
USS AvandarLuna class
InvictaLogo.png Cardiff-scale.png
USS InvictaCardiff class

Medical History

Throughout the years, Danny has considered Sickbay his second home. Despite the several scrapes and bruises he's been treated for, his medical history is a sorry one. Whilst on a Joint Mission with the USS Kodiak-A in the Badlands, Danny was trapped in a Temporal Stasis Bubble, effectively 'freezing' him in Time. The saturation of chronitons in his cells left him in a state of temporal flux which began breaking down his DNA. This was treated with a special top-secret Borg device, which injects his body with special nanoprobes to effectively repair the damaged DNA. This has to be done constantly or he will die.Despite being essentially part Borg, Danny has only been connected to the Collective once, when the USS Tiger-A encountered a damaged Borg ship making a distress call. To this date, he has never assimilated anybody else. A major side-effect of this treatment is he never has to sleep, only regenerate the Borg device. To this end he used to take command of Delta Shift - the Night Shift - on the USS Ronin, the USS Independence-A and the USS Tiger-A.

  • If the Borg Implant is removed - for any reason - the chroniton infection will continue to breakdown cells. Nanoprobes are required to constantly regenerate the infected DNA.
  • Stardate 238401.20 he underwent surgery for a severe disruptor wound to the chest.
  • Stardate 238405.09 Placed into a coma by 'Evil' Jack after being shot by phaser approximately five times at close range. Reconstructive surgery needed for all four appendages. When he awoke, he was mute. A condition brought on by severe shock.
  • Stardate 238411.15 Wakes up from coma, but medically relieved of duty after an influx of infected nanoprobes caused psychotic schizophrenia.
  • Stardate 238506.08 Kidnapped by his twisted Alternate self and subjected to a 'Goldfinger' style punishment, whereby he injures his back.

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards General SheathedSword 2011.jpg
Sheathed Sword 2385
USS Ronin
Presented to those to decide to inflict injury on their character, and then dive into the resulting emotions and choices in a realistic manner.
Awards General ScottyCross 2011.jpg
Scotty Cross 2389
USS Tiger-A
Awarded to an officer who shows extreme creativity while solving a plot dilemma or in character plot twist.
Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg
TOSMA 2398
USS Arrow
Awarded to members who show great dedication in their behavior, and simming abilities.
O'Brien Award.png
O'Brien Award 2398
USS Arrow
Awarded to members who hold the rank of Lieutenant or Lt. Commander and support the ship's command staff by mentoring crew, facilitating missions, maintaining the wiki and other tasks essential to the smooth running of our sims.
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 2377
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Gorn Invasion Ribbon 2383
USS Independence
Awarded to an individual who took part in the Summer Blockbuster that involved the Gorn Conflict of 2383 and culminated in the destruction of the New Orleans-class USS Independence at the First Battle of Eratis.
Awards ServiceRibbons Ithassa 2011.jpg
Ithassa Region Campaign Medal 2385
USS Ronin
Awarded to an individual who participates in a UFP mission in the Ithassa Region.
Tholian Campaign Ribbon.png
Tholian Campaign Ribbon 2389
USS Tiger-A
Awarded to any individual who participates in a conflict against the Tholians.

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