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Danny Wilde is a Director of Training, (Field Operations) at Starfleet Intelligence.


  • Full Name: Daniel ? ? Wilde
  • Current Rank: Director
  • Race: Human
  • Date of Birth: Stardate 235908.04
    • Age: 38
  • Place of Birth: Kensington, London, Earth
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: 0


  • Height: 6' 3"
  • Weight: 13 stone 5
  • Hair Color: Light Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Tattoo's/Modifications: Tattoo on the right shoulder. "Brethren of the Ronin".
  • Distinguishing Marks/Scars: Borg Regeneration unit on the base of neck (the size of a domino). Usually hides it with high collared uniforms. Cortical implant on his left eyebrow. Various Borg implants on his arms and body, including assimilation tubes on his right wrist. Slightly crooked nose evident of a break which didn't heal well (caused by his wife.)
  • Taste in Clothing (When off Duty): Typical pant/jacket combo. Formal style, deep colours.
  • Accent: English R.P
  • Handedness: Left


  • Quarters: Decorated in dark, deep tones.
  • Favourite Room: The Lounge
  • Least Favourite Room: Engineering
  • Habits:
    • Involuntarily raises his right eyebrow a lot. It can work for any range of emotion/situation.
    • Rubs his temples when he is annoyed.
  • Quirks:
    • Is a very good dancer
    • Named his favourite phaser "Miss Scarlett"
  • Religion: Non-religious
  • Hobbies:
    • He enjoys writing Holonovels, and is quite accomplished at it. He is currently writing a Holonovel of some of his adventures in SFI using the alias 'Johnny Savage'.
    • Poker
  • Temperament: He is usually very friendly and mischievous. However he takes his duty very seriously and can on occasion be strict.
  • Complexes/Phobias:
    • Alpha Male Syndrome
    • Once described as having a Superhero Complex: Feels the need to be the hunter/provider of a group
    • Some emotional expressive issues and neuroses from having overbearing parents.
  • Limitations: Considers his Borg Impant to be his biggest limitation, as it controls most of his cellular functions. He wishes to be 'normal' in regards to governing his own body.
  • Personal Achievements:
  • Personal Disappointments:

Personality/Notes of Character

Danny Wilde is considered by some to be an enigma character. He is charming and sophisticated, and a friend to everyone, yet can be proud and secret at other times. Originally the Casanova of the Independence due to his many flirtations, he is now more commonly known as one of the Ithassa Regions pranksters. He is famed for his friendly, informal style of Command, but if the need arises, he will step up to the challenge to defend Starfleets and the Federations principles. He balances his serious side with a humorous, practical-joker side which people often don't believe true. Before his joining of Starfleet Intelligence, he was often the ship's stick-in-the-mud, but has changed drastically over time. He attributes his tenure as a spy combined with his long-term relationship with Idril Mar to be the key things that mellowed him out. He has an intense fear of the Romulan species. For one week he was held prisoner and tortured on the Romulan Prison Ship 'Torval'. He is extremely proud of his English heritage, and claims he can trace his lineage back to the 12th Century and also states that the Wilde's were as important in history as the Picard's and the Smith's. He is a lover of ceremony and celebration, and relishes the chance to throw on his dress whites and organise parties for the crew. He enjoys the visit of high ranking Starfleet officers, and claims that "the food and drink is better" than it is for regular officers, for which he gets a reputation for being a bit of a snob. He considers his best friend and partner in mischief to be Lt.Commander Ethan Brice, and considers Alana Devar, John Kirov, Caleb Zaahn to be his friends from the Academy. John Kirov named one of his children after Danny Wilde. He considers his one-time mentor to be the legendary Jack Kelray, a former SFI trainer. It was during Danny's training that Jack took off and left him to fend for himself. They re-united on DS17 a few years later. Danny, and several others of his closest friends, including Ben Walker, Ethan Brice, Karynn Brice, Jhen Thelev, and Will Rogers have tattoo's which they got when drunk on Danny's stag night. The tattoo says "The Brethren of the Ronin", and is located on the right shoulder. It was later revealed that under the influence of too much alcohol, Jhen Thelev had a second tattoo on his behind.

Mirror Universe

See Duy Danny Wilde (Mirror)

Alternate Universe

See Commander Danny Wilde (Alternate)


There has always been a tradition amongst the Wilde family that they all have two middle names. Danny has refused to disclose his two middle names, and despite some digging around by his friends, there is no mention of them on any official Starfleet record.

Wife - Fleet-Captain Idril Mar

Danny and Idril's relationship has gone from strength to strength despite many setbacks. They met on the USS Independence, and started a fast romance. As the relationship progressed it was clear to all that they belonged together. However, there has been numerous strains to their love. When Danny was recruited to Starfleet Intelligence, Idril broke protocol and stole a shuttle to find him, earning herself a demotion. Danny returned to starship duty a few years later and by happy coincidence they enjoyed a long service together on the USS Ronin. They were married on stardate 238506.01. Idril currently serves as Chief Engineer and Head of Projects at Utopia Planetia shipyard, Mars, and Danny has become a trainer of Field Agents at Starfleet Intelligence. To split the commute between Earth and Mars, they now live on Luna.

  • Children: Son, Jasen Wilde, born 238910.28

Father - Sidney Wilde

See Sidney Wilde President and CEO of Wilde Industries

Mother - Joanna Wilde

See Joanna Wilde Federation Ambassador

Sister - Amber Wilde

See Amber Wilde

Wilde Family Tree

Coming Soon...

Starfleet Academy

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
001-Cadet4th-White.png Cadet, 4th Class 237209.01 - 237307.31 Starfleet Academy,
Starbase 118
Major: Security
Specialization: Armed Combat
Additional Specializations:
Security Codes and Weapons Repair
002-Cadet3rd-White.png Cadet, 3rd Class 237309.01 - 237407.31
003-Cadet2nd-White.png Cadet, 2nd Class 237409.01 - 237507.31
004-Cadet1st-White.png Cadet, 1st Class 237509.01 - 237607.31
004-Cadet1st-White.png 237609.01 - 237707.31 Additional Major: Tactical Simulations
004-Cadet1st-Gold.png 237708.01 - 237708.08 USS Centris-A
01-Ens-Gold.png Ensign 237708.08 - USS Constitution-B Security Officer
01-Ens-Gold.png USS Phoenix-C Assistant Security Chief
02-LtJG-Gold.png Lieutenant JG USS Independence Chief of Security
02-LtJG-Gold.png Midway Repair Facility Acting Security Chief
03-Lt-Gold.png Lieutenant
03-Lt-Gold.png USS Grendel Chief Tactical Officer
03-Lt-Gold.png USS Independence
03-Lt-Black.png Operative Starfleet Intel Field Agent
02-LtJG-Red.png Lieutenant JG Deep Space 17 Attache/Special Ops
03-Lt-Gold.png Lieutenant
03-Lt-Gold.png USS Ronin Chief of Security
04-LtCmdr-Gold.png Lt Commander Chief Tactical Officer
04-LtCmdr-Red.png - present First Officer

Service History

Danny joined Stafleet Academy in 2372, taking an interest in security and tactical courses. As well as these subjects for his finals, he also took a slight personal interest in Basic Medicine and Temporal Mechanics. In his final year he almost failed his entire year because of the Final Engineering Exam. He re-took this exam three times before passing it, and graduated Starfleet Academy in 2377. His following ranks and assignments were:

Medical History

Throughout the years, Danny has considered Sickbay his second home. Despite the several scrapes and bruises he's been treated for, his medical history is a sorry one. Whilst on a Joint Mission with the USS Kodiak in the Badlands, Danny was trapped in a Temporal Stasis Bubble, effectively 'freezing' him in Time. Complications arose following the incident when CMO of the Independence, Erik Fletcher, diagnosed him with Acute Cellular Decay, or ACD. A saturation of his DNA of mutated Chronitons destabilised his DNA structure on a cellular level and proved terminal as of Stardate 238102.19. Before Danny joined Starfleet Intelligence, Admiral Reardon authorised the use of a restricted Borg Regeneration Unit to be implanted in his spine in order to keep the condition at bay. It was essentially cured by specially programmed nanoprobes which altered his molecules constantly. The unit infuses his cellular structure with regenerative nanoprobes, effectively keeping the condition at bay. Despite being essentially part Borg, Danny has only been connected to the Collective once, when the USS Tiger-A encountered a damaged Borg ship making a distress call. To this date, he has never assimilated anybody else.

    • If the Borg Implant is removed - for any reason - the Chroniton infection will continue to breakdown cells. Nanoprobes are required to constantly regenerate the infected DNA.
  • Stardate 238401.20 he underwent surgery for a severe disruptor wound to the chest.
  • Stardate 238405.09 Placed into a coma by 'Evil' Jack after being shot by phaser approximately five times at close range. Reconstructive surgery needed for all four appendages. When he awoke, he was mute. A condition brought on by severe shock.
  • Stardate 238411.15 Wakes up from coma, but medically relieved of duty after an influx of infected nanoprobes caused psychotic schizophrenia.
  • Stardate 238506.08 Kidnapped by his twisted Alternate self and subjected to a 'Goldfinger' style punishment, whereby he injures his back.


2008: Sheathed Sword Award

2012: Scotty Cross Award