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Ensign Peter Daniels, a Terran, is an engineering officer aboard the USS Independence-A


  • Full Name: Peter Fionn Daniels
  • Age:25
  • Date of Birth236007.24
  • Birthplace: Cork, Ireland, Earth
  • Species: Terran


  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 73kg
  • Gender: Male
  • Eye color: Hazel
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown



  • Marital Status: Single




  • Father: Tim C. Daniels, 59, Wood Sculpture and Painter
  • Mother: Jocelyn M. Daniels, 53, Horse Breeder and stable keeper


  • Brother: Kealan, 22, Civilian Engineer on Jupiter Station
  • Brother: Shane, 31, Civilian Architect on Earth

Brief Personal History

Peter, a patriotic, strong minded person insisted on being called Fionn from a young age out of pride for his country's culture, Became the co-founder of The Celtic Pride Association along with school-friends Jean-Pierre Valjeac (French) and William "Macbeth" Connelly (Scottish), lived for 6 months in a ancient celtic settlement, celebrating Celtic culture and won the Nobel Prize for Cultural Celebration in 2380, became an engineer after working with the Terran Space-race team as a mechanic along with his brother Kealan

Interests and Hobbies

Plays Gaelic Games, sword fighting and archery, writes books on Celtic history and myths, enjoys archaeology, sailing, rowing and fishing


  • Attended StarFleet Engineering
  • Majors: Warp field dynamics, Experimental Ship Refitting, EPS and ODN specialization
  • Additional degrees: Starfleet Ship operations preliminary degree; HCO

Clubs / Organizations

  • Vice-President of the Celtic Pride Association

Professional History

  • Date Graduated from Academy: 238501.31
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Current Assignment: USS Independence-A
  • Duty Post: Engineering