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Daniel Jay Carter
234605.05 237405.28
Brooklyn, New York, Earth
Aged 28
Species Human
Gender Male
In Memoriam

Daniel Carter was a Civilian serving as a Medical Doctor on Betazed. He was Killed In Action while providing relief efforts to the people of Betazed during the Dominion Wars.


  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Hair: Black/ Dark Brown
  • Eyes: Blue with Brown in left eye (Segmental Heterochromia)
  • Build: Slim/ Muscular


  • Ravenna Carter- Ravenna is Daniel's daughter. She was only six at the time of his death, but she already showed signs of having the makings of a great future doctor. They would spend hours reading medical texts and learning anatomy together. He taught her the basics of Latin and Greek needed for medical terminology. If he had a particularly hard case, he would run them by Ravenna and her most basic understanding helped him see the large picture when he was often overthinking. He was fighting for custody of Ravenna when he was killed; though he had hoped to help her relocate to Betazed with him.
Daniel's Daughter Ravenna Carter
  • Elizabeth Grace Quinlan- His ex-wife. He discovered that she was having an affair and she kicked him out. He joined Starfleet as a Civilian while working to gain custody of Ravenna, whom Liza was abusing. They had a very rocky relationship and though at one point they probably did truly love each other, they married too young and had a child before they were really ready. Danny married Liza when they were 19 years old and even though their parents warned them, they didn't listen.
Daniel's Ex-Wife Elizabeth Quinlan
  • Samantha Anne Carter- Sammy was Daniel's younger sister by 4 years. She was always the little brat sister that Daniel adored and they were close. Sammy helped raise Ravenna after Daniel's death and after Liza abandoned her.
Daniel's Kid Sister
  • Jonathan David Carter- Jonathan was Daniel's older brother who affectionately called Daniel his "annoying kid brother". he spoke at Daniel's funeral and helped Sammy raise Ravenna after Daniel's death.
Daniel's Big Brother
  • Michael Andrew Carter- Daniel's father. Served as a security officer for Starfleet prior to his retirement and death.
Daniel's Father
  • Gina Mae Carter (nee Karver)- Daniel's mother. Died when all the children were young in a car accident. After her death, Daniel vowed not to leave his children like that, but Liza had different plans for him.

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