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  • Age: 23 yrs old
  • Date of Birth: 21 April 2361 (Stardate 236104.21) at 04:17
  • Gender: Female.
  • Hair colour: Dark Brown.
  • Eye colour: Appear black.
  • Height: Five foot five.
  • She got her middle name from her Aunt Sophie.


  • Her mother is half Bajoran and half QuchHa' Klingon (QuchHa' Klingons are human in appearance), her father is a Betazoid: hence Ca-Re looks Terran; except for a small set of barely noticeable nose ridges.
  • Her colouring is typically Betazoids, her internal organs are Klingon, and her nose ridges are Bajoran. She is a UK size 16, a US 14.


  • Parents: Are both well-respected and decorated Captains in Star Fleet.
    • Her mother is the half-Bajoran/ half QuchHa' Klingon captain of the Starfleet vessel Sanctuary. She is known to Klingons as VeS'naS Sutai (Meaning Victorious Warrior Captain), and she is known to Starfleet by her Bajoran name Captain Nua Ro. She is physically Bajoran on the outside, and Klingon on the inside.
    • Her father is the Betazoid captain of the Starfleet vessel Faerfiel. His name was Andrys Dall whenever he was married to Nua Ro. He is now known as Andrys Suder as he became married to his Betazoid Counsellor Jemma. Ca-Re is not on speaking terms with either. They never spent ANY time with her; from when she was six weeks old. She lived with her Aunt Sophie from six weeks old until attending Picard Academy as a boarder from age 4.
    • Her main parental figure was her Aunt Sophie Dall, who is 50% Betazoid and 50% Human. She was an engineer and scientist on the Starfleet colony Hulti 4 until it was destroyed by Nali Freedom Fighters. after that she taught basic engineering at Starfleet Academy.
  • Her parents separated whenever she was three. He mother remained unmarried, and has no other children. Her father remarried within a year of divorcing Ca-Re's mother. He married his ship's counselor- a Betazoid called Jemma Suder. They have three children. Ca-Re speaks to them through her Aunt Sophie.
  • Her Aunt Sophie died recently.
  • Her father, who is desperate for a relationship with his daughter, informed her of her Aunt's death. It was also the first meeting they ever had.
  • Siblings - Three half-siblings:
    • Kestra Suder who is 18yrs old. Kestra is already intending to become a counsellor with Starfleet.
    • Talloc Suder who is 12yrs old who seems to be heading to a career in Engineering.
    • Tam Suder who is 8yrs old, and who is too busy playing to care about his future.
    • Kestra is female and Talloc and Tam are male.
  • Spouse None.
  • Children None.


Ca-Re was brought up mainly on Earth in order to attend the Picard Academy Ages 4+). She studied there until she left for Starfleet Academy. She did okay. was very much a loner. Bullied from day one. and had one close friend Jessie (Terran.) She was considered very abrupt, but also a teacher's pet. Always did well. but could have done a LOT better.

Very aware that her parents are Starfleet captains, and that she appears Terran to most people. She stayed with her Aunt Sophie at her home on Hulti 4 from when she was 6 weeks old until she was four, when she left for Picard Academy.

She returned to Hulti 4 each summer, until there was a nuclear device detonated in the main city by Nali freedom fighters whenever she was 15. She was away at a camping trip in the mountains with her school.

Her Aunt was with her as a `parent'-helper. Ca-Re and her Aunt helped to collect data after the explosion. Her best, and only friend, Jessie died in the explosion. they had known each other since they were newborns. Her Aunt moved to Earth after that, and Ca-Re lived with her whilst attending the Picard Academy as a Day-Student. She also stayed with her Aunt whilst studying at Starfleet Academy. her Aunt taught her basic engineering.

At Starfleet she did reasonably well. She could have passed with marks in the 90% band. but because EVERYONE knew her parents. who are both Starfleet captains. and her Aunt. She got disheartened and didn't try as hard as she could because she could not tell if people were passing her because they knew her family, or because she was a good student.

She spent her training year on the Starfleet vessel Lunais. She did well as a science cadet, but got easily annoyed because Captain Bernai was a friend of her mothers.

In order to control her Klingon temper, which most people are unaware of due to her Terran looks, she sings. She has empathic abilities. but has little or no control over them. whenever her mood is heightened,(whenever she is scared, angry, happy, sad), she cannot control the ability at all. It comes and goes in flashes. Similarly. she has telepathic ability. but it appears rarely. It usually `comes on' with other telepathic species, or whenever she is with someone she is particularly close to; such as her Aunt.

Recently her Aunt died and she went on a bender, going AWOL from duty. She recently returned and is receiving counselling from Dr. J.T. Aadi. She is also discovering a heightening of her telepathic abilities due to the attack by the engineered soldier of her first mission. She is also experiencing problems such as minor moments when she seems to have drifted off!


  • 238501.08 The Scotty Cross USS Challenger