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DS285 Promenade

Upper Promenade

The Upper Promenade is a platform built out of Deck 68, with areas spanning up towards Deck 63. In it's centre is a view down to the Arboretum on Deck 72, with various benches and picnic tables near to it's rails. Due to it's view the area is popular with Restaurants and Cafés - however, at night numerous bars and nightclubs open their doors.

The Wicked Witch

The Wicked Witch is a sight to behold sporting a theme of Wicked Witches from all manor of Fairy Tales, Myths, and Legends and Lore. There menu is an assortment of drinks and food inspired by the Wicked Witches and the methods they employ to get their way.

Stellar Drinks

DS285's local of a rather enterprising Bar Chain that can be found throughout the sector. It is generally thought to be a more 'family friendly' place, although it is noted for it's wide range of branded drinks. Sporting events, including regional Parrises Squares tournaments, are regularly broadcast here. It also serves food. Stellar Drinks is located on Deck 63.

Athunderistic Club

One of the Station's more notorious establishments. The nightclub is famous for it's décor which includes electric arcs across it's walls and a 'laser show' in the main bar section. Prior to it's owners arrest for narcotics distribution and animal abuse in 2391 the club distributed a form of parasitic animal referred to as a 'Phaser Fish' which stimulated the hosts pleasure receptors, before the practice was discovered and stopped after an investigation of a bar brawl between several unidentified parties and some members of senior staff of the USS Discovery-C which was docked there for shore leave. Now under new management, the club is more famed for it's wide range of drinks.

Exotic Worlds Club

The exotic worlds club is an hybrid between a tavern with rooms, club, and wares. Boasting to be founded from the legendary exotic worlds adventuring guild from the gamma quadrant, it has been described as a place for new adventurers and veterans to come and share stories over drinks found from around the galaxy. The inside is darker, earthy type design with large, comfortable chairs, long synthwood tables filled with food for members and a large, roaring holographic fire in a pit in the center of the room. It is caters to customers who want a taste of the adventuring life and who are not members. It is located on the farthest section of Deck 72 nestled between a gem shop and a general goods store.

Main Promenade

The Main Promenade is located across Decks 91 to 101. Shops on Decks 91 to 100 are built into the sides of the decks, much like the Upper Promenade, with escalators linking the floors. The bottom floor, 100, however is far more like a planned city with the shops set around a large transparent viewing window in the centre of the Deck's floor. The promenade is host to a large variety of shops, bars, restaurants, cafés and other businesses. It is also host to regular markets which take place atop the viewing window.

The Upper Crust Sandwich Shop

This sandwich shop isn't very big and specializes in Terran deli sandwiches and sides.

St. Martin de Porres'

Home to a small-ish Catholic Parish lead by Father Hilarion. Holds regular Mass on Sundays.

Birds of a Feather

An exotic bird shop located on the Main Promenade. While it particularly specialises in Terran Birds, it also has stock of several avian species from across the Federation. Also sells feed and other pet-related products.

The Wagon Wheel Bar and Salon

A dive bar establishment with Wild West themed décor and drinks. Most certainly not for the faint of heart. The main bartender is a rough and tumble Terran male named Horace. He wears the same red plaid shirt and cowboy boots every single day.

Bolian Nights Restaurant

An up-scale, rather classy establishment that blends classic Bolian dishes with new age concepts. They are known to have the best wine list in the region. Many senior officers dine here and the restaurant caters some of the more important events held at the station.

Pet and Pamper

Kennel for pets of all kind, advertisement goes "Have a pet that is in need of boarding while away, pamper your prince or princess here. They won't even notice they are being boarded, all they will know is fun, pampering and love. We treat them like they are our own!"