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This article documents the Missions of Talos Dakora aboard the USS Excalibur-A.

Shadow Out of Mind (239812 - 239901)

The irradiated wastes of Cytarix V.

The re-launched Excalibur is sent to investigate a strange radiation signature detected on otherwise uninhabited and unremarkable world, Cytarix V. Upon arrival an away team including Ensign Talos Dakora is sent to investigate strange gravitational forces that had been detected while en route. After a mostly uneventful EV suited sample gathering expedition, the away team encountered a previously unknown metallic orb that seemed to spring erupt from the ground and leave one of the large, smoking craters the team had previously observed. The orb singled out Ensign Dakora, the only telepathic member of the team, and rendered him temporarily unconscious with some kind of energy tendril that pierced his helmet and touched his head. Rescued by Lt.Etan Iljor and Ens. Kirky Bean Talos was carried to the shuttle where they discovered that it and any communications with the Excalibur had been disabled by the unknown forces of the planet. As the ground threatened to swallow the ship whole, they were rescued at the last moment by Yogan Yalu in a runabout.

Upon their arrival back at the ship Dakora was transported to sickbay and the rest of the team dispersed to carry out their duties. Little did they know, Dakora was carrying a payload in his mind that would utilize his telepathy to spread amongst the crew. Shortly after the away team's return, every member of the Excalibur's experienced an unknown phenomenon that caused them to suddenly fall asleep and wake up in a body that wasn't theirs. Dakora and Yalu switched consciousness and after a brief bout of well-earned confusion, the crew set about uncovering the mystery of what had happened to them and how they could fix it. As the crew struggled with the myriad complexities of existing in a body that didn't match their shape, gender and/or species, a second away team consisting of all of the members of the Senior Staff who had wound up in telepathic bodies was sent to the planet again to try and make contact with the orbs. Meanwhile, on Bridge of the Excalibur, Dakora struggled to come to grips with the multiple presences of the Yalu Symbiont that lived inside of him, sharing their knowledge, experience and discomfort with him. The team on the bridge eventually uncovered that the radiation was a form of communication that could be decoded and the away team managed to communicate telepathically that they would help the orbs.

A little over 24 hours after the initial body-swapping incident, the crew of the Excalibur returned to their normal bodies and were able to guide the stranded orb-hivemind to a new home. For many of the crew, Dakora included, the experience of being someone else would stay with them for a very long time.

Following the Mission Dakora was promoted to Lieutenant Junior-Grade and awarded the Explorer's Ribbon and the Legacy Ribbon.

In Plain Sight (239902 - 239904)

Dakora Cosmetically modified to appear Demesian

The crew of the Excalibur is recalled early from shore-leave by Rear Admiral Ambrosius Corvus Regillensis of Starfleet Intelligence. In a briefing, the Admiral dismisses Commanders Yogan Yalu and Genkos Adea for reasons unknown. The remaining crew are informed they are being tasked with uncovering the mystery surrounding the rapid advancement of Demes II, a Class-M planet with a pre-warp society that has been developing it's industrial age faster than expected. The trouble begins when Admiral Regillensis reveals they will have 48 hours to prepare for the 3-month mission, with no contact or support from the Excalibur or Starfleet for the duration.

Teamed up with Commander Addison MacKenzie, Lieutenants Hallia Yellir and Meidra Sirin and Dr. Carol Boeschg, Talos finds himself undercover in the bustling Industrial Age metropolis of Lakonna. Posing recently arrived family from a distant rural community, the team quickly settles in and finds jobs to both support their cover identities and provide them with Demesian currency to support the mission. Adapting to the comparably primitive society isn't comfortable or easy, but Talos soon finds himself employed at one of the many recently constructed factories. The team soon discovers that the factory is producing parts that are far too complex for the Demesian's technology level in a hidden section of the factory and during a covert raid in the middle of the night, find a decades old Starfleet Replicator is the source of the anachronistic tech. Their raid interrupted by the Lakonna religious police, the Excalibur team scatters in the night and Talos is knocked out and captured by an unknown party.

He wakes up to find himself tied to a chair in the house with a man who takes off his hood to reveal that he is a human man named Mike Kallas. Kallas reveals that he was part of an illegal Starfleet Intelligence gathering operation 15 years ago, commanded by none other than (then) Captain Regillensis. Something went wrong and the hidden outpost was abandoned in place, leaving two human Starfleet Officers alone with no way to get home. Promising to find a way to get Mike off of Demes II, Talos is reunited with MacKenzie and the team and they use Kallas' communication devices to speak to the other team, stationed in Jupe, who has seemingly discovered the remnants of the old base and has been selling and trying to reverse engineer the tech.

In the end, Rear Admiral Regillensis is arrested while trying to flee on his personal yacht and the Excalibur stays on station above Demes long enough to beam every piece of Starfleet tech it's sophisticated sensors can detect.

Though the crew wonders, was it already too late?

The One With All The Timezones (239905 - 239907)


The Trouble With Tacos (239910 - 239912)


Hide And Seek (239912 - 240002)