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Daniel Wood
Daniel bust Earth night.jpg

  • Statistics
  • Age: 39
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 235808.31
  • Place of Birth: England, Sol
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Race: Terran

  • Current Assignment
  • Ship: USS Darwin-A
  • Position: Security Officer
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Previous Assignments
  • Ship: USS Discovery-B
  • Position: Hazard Team Leader
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Task Group: 501st Rapid Response Task Group
  • Position: Second Office/Squad Leader - Alpha Team
  • Fields: Heavy Weapons & Leadership Tactics

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DS9style-cadet1 red.png Cadet, Fourth Class

  • Daniel initially found it difficult to adapt to life in Starfleet and rapidly fell behind in his classes. After a meeting with the Commandant, he was ordered to seek counseling to determine whether this trend would continue. Lt. Cmdr. Terri Farquhar requested that Daniel be placed under her care, although to this day it is not clear why. Daniel regained a steady pace, but remained behind the rest of his classmates. He barely passed his first year.

DS9style-cadet2 red.png Cadet, Third Class

  • Daniel continued to see Lt. Cmdr. Farquhar and between them managed to solve his problems. He worked extra hard to catch up with his classmates, sacrificing many pleasures to do so. After months of physical and mental training, Daniel sat for his exams and passed with good grades. This boosted his confidence and gained him the confidence of his instructors and the Academy Commandant.

DS9style-cadet3 red.png Cadet, Second Class

  • Daniel decided to end his sessions with Lt. Cmdr. Farquhar, having learned to discuss issues with his classmates. At the same time, his classmates confided in Daniel more than ever, and his extreme ability to deal with people and situations attracted the attention of both the Commandant and Lt. Cmdr. Farquhar. He was approached separately on numerous occasions, with requests to change from Security to Counseling; each time he refused. Daniel's confidence grew, and he began questioning instructors and their theories; something he knew they did not like. At times he knew it was futile, but he got results with some of his reasoning.

DS9style-cadet4 red.png Cadet, First Class

  • Daniel's continued success in class and top marks made his final Academy year the best. During this time, he prepared himself mentally for the Kobayashi Maru and Psych Test, and proved himself to be highly suited to the role of a Security Officer by gaining top marks in his Command test. His teacher, Lt. Cmdr. Sidney Riley, would later be First Officer upon his first posting after the Academy. After successfully completing all three tests, Daniel proudly accepted his graduation and subsequent promotion to Ensign. One of the many attendees at his graduation was Lt. Cmdr. Farquhar, the woman who supported Daniel through his Academy days.

DS9style-ens gold.png Ensign

  • Stardate 238311.05: Ensign Wood attended a call regarding a fight in the Hearth Lounge. After breaking up the fight and helping out three fellow officers, the crewman was taken to the brig and punishment was given by Admiral Anassasi.
  • Stardate 238405.09: Daniel's first mission with the USS Independence-A was a rescue mission. The USS Benjamin Franklin was exploring an area in the Ithassa Region known as Bull's Run when it suddenly disappeared, its last known contact being an emergency beacon. When the Independence arrived at the beacon, she soon found herself being pulled through a wormhole arriving at an alien way station. A great amount of data was accumulated for research. Three members of the crew were kidnapped; Admiral Anassasi, Lieutenant Makno and Ensign Wood, and the crew attempted an extraction and rescue operation. Admiral Anassasi was able to negotiate their release and subsequent return of the USS Benjamin Franklin which had also been held captive. Once the USS Independence-A was allowed to leave, the ship traversed a wormhole which carried them to StarBase 118. However a temporal displacement occurred and the Independence was quarantined. Facts on this mission are sketchy due to the Department of Temporal Investigations classifying the mission details. However, something Daniel did on this mission earned him the respect of his crew and Daniel received a promotion to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) on Stardate 238408.07.

DS9style-ltjg gold.png Lieutenant (Junior Grade)

  • Stardate 238409.03: A celebration party held by Admiral Anassasi, in order to celebrate the successful mission and the promotion of some of its senior officers turned into a disaster. The holosuite turned hostile, threatening the lives of all senior staff aboard the USS Independence-A. It turned out to be a new lifeform, and all crew members were saved.
  • Stardate 238409.17: Wood's second mission was a Search and Rescue mission. Whilst looking for the USS Euphrates, the USS Independence-A was attacked and boarded by hostile aliens, believed to be T'lithians. During this mission, Wood led Security forces through the ship sweeping for intruders and carried out a retrieve and escort mission. Also during this mission, he acted as a Security/Marine Liason Officer alongside Trooper Alexandria Somers. Their training prevailed when Security & Marine forces worked together to defend the crew and the USS Independence-A. During this eventful mission the Independence took minor casualties, losing sixteen crew members and recording one MIA, believed to be dead: Gunnery Sergeant Highway.
  • Stardate 238411.20: While docked at Midway Repair Facility, Daniel had to break off the end of his shore leave to investigate an attack on one of crew; Lt. (J.G.) Tildaen Ethelwin. Working with the Chief of Security from Midway, both mutually agreed Lt (J.G.) Wood should take the lead on the investigation. This was Daniel's first time investigating a crime with no help from specialists and, time being of the essence, Wood utilized the resources he had to gain a secure conviction. The suspect was later captured in his quarters aboard Midway. Lt. (J.G.) Tildaen Ethelwin did not want to press charges so no charges were filed.
  • Stardate 238411.22: Wood's third mission took him aboard the USS Phoenix-C while the USS Independence-A underwent repairs. He was part of an away team under the command of Lt. Cmdr. Sidney Riley, which was ordered to offer aid to TE-IV a planet suffering from an outbreak of mites. During this time Lt(jg) Wood and Ensign Paul Sharpe were in charge of protecting the away team from any threats. Whilst maintaining a line of patients into the surgery, a bomb exploded next to a generator. Wood immediately responded to the threat and found Lt. Quinn Reynolds in a critical condition with Lt. Cmdr. Lily Ventu performing emergency medicine on her. All away team members were recalled from the planet as a precaution. Lt(jg) Wood was pulled from the mission by Admiral Quinn to attend Officers Rapid Response School.
  • Stardate 238501.11: Wood attended the Officers Rapid Response School where he was given command of Alpha Squad of the 501st Rapid Response Task Force. Cmdr. Jones had very high praise for him. Daniel chose to challenge himself and his team during this time by choosing a Holodeck Simulation that required no weapons and no casualties to be taken; This was probably one of the harder programs offered by the Academy. Daniel and his team fared well in this simulation despite hardly knowing each other. Daniel and his division did well during their weapons test, proving that he was born to be in Security. He graduated with high marks in all his tests. The final test, however, was canceled by Starfleet Security for classified reasons. As of Stardate 238501.17 Daniel is now a fully qualified Starfleet Rapid Response Officer for the 501st Task Force.
  • Stardate 238502.05: The USS Independence-A, the USS Ronin and the USS Ursa Major were pulled through a wormhole to the Galactic Barrier. During this mission, Wood was left as Chief of Security and had to defend the USS Independence-A from an unknown alien threat. After a fierce firefight on Deck 7 and calling General Quarters Five, Wood managed to establish first contact. Wood was able to further communication with the alien while working with his fellow officers, but his efforts caused him to feel the alien's severe pain. Eventually the situation was resolved: all three vessels and crews were returned home, and the alien progressed to a higher state of existence.
  • Stardate: 238503.24: During the second day of the USS Independence-A's trip back to Deep Space 17, Security was called to deal with a food fight in the Officers' Lounge. Wood was ordered to supervise the Brig and take statements, including those from officers who were innocent. These included Lt's Allen Cruise, Quinn Reynolds, Sharpe Paul and Ensign Eilis Eete. Admiral Anassasi concluded that the punishment for the two trouble-makers should be cleaning of all 5,000 torpedoes on DS17 while the punishment for the others who joined was cleaning the USS Independence-A's torpedoes. This concluded the investigation.
  • Stardate 238504.21: Following up on the events during the mission into the Triades-Episolon system, the USS Independence-A is dispatched to conduct a survey mission in the Igloo Cluster, where there have been reports of Breen. Daniels role during this mission was that of any Security Officer to protect the ship, what was meant to be a routine mission turned into a strange one when the Lt. Quinn Reynolds began to notice that there was an alien in the Warp Core, for reasons unexplained Lt. Quinn Reynolds, LtJg. Daniel Wood and Ensigns Ronda Mal-ten and Emmalyne Scott were transported to the Skiptrace by the Baby Blue Alien, under the command of Nathan Gersh. After the resolution of the blue energy baby, a Breen ship uncloaked near the Independence. After destroying the Orion vessel that was nearby, it fired a single shot at the Independence and recloaked. As yet, the reasons behind the attack are unknown. This shot had the effect of splitting the Independence into several realities; in some of which the ship was damaged, some not. The Breen transported themselves aboard one of the undamaged and unpopulated versions of the Independence. When the realities were merged back together by the ship going to warp, the Breen that made it through the merging were contained by security, during this time, Daniel disobeyed an order to guard a prisoner and thus resulted in Chief Warrant Officer 4th Grade Benjamin Knowles being stabbed, by the prisoner and his fellow Breen comrade disguised as Ensign Paylar Jones. The Security personnel of the USS Independence-A managed to subdue three Breen and contain the last member.
  • Stardate 238509.28: At a simulation, Lt.Cmdr Cody announced that Rear Admiral Anassasi, would not be returning to the ship due to retirement, and therefore via a hologram subsequently announced that Daniel would receive an overdue promotion to Lieutenant also he would began to serve as Chief of Security aboard the USS Independence-A.
  • Stardate 238510.02: Daniel's final mission aboard the USS Independence-A was a rather unusual one. The USS Independence-A was tasked with transporting Admiral Sato to DS17, during the transport an unknown alien had boarded the USS Independence-A and began murdering three of its personnel, it was Daniel's task to protect the Admiral and crew aswell as finding the alien responsible, during its time aboard the alien attacked Lt.Cmdr. Jophry Calhan rendering in a critical condition, the Alien itself then took Lt.Cmdr. Jophry Calhan form. The alien was finally subdued and placed in a cell, but an unusual twist happened when Admiral Sato knew she was the one the Alien wanted and then went to put an end to it she entered the cell and set her phaser to overload, this then reulted in the cell exploding causing a large shockwave to rip through the Brig injuring Daniel, Chief Warrant Officer 4th Grade Benjamin Knowles and two other Security Personnel, the Admiral had succesfully stopped the Alien but at the cost of her life.

DS9style-lt gold.png Lieutenant

  • Stardate 238510.02: After the conclusion of the previous mission the USS Independence-A was re-called to DS17 for deommisioning after the suprise resignation of Rear Admiral Anassasi was announced. Lt.Cmdr Cody took charge of the USS Independence-A resulting in a temporary crew rotation, thus naming Daniel offically as the Chief of Security for the duration of the mission. The USS Independence-A recieved two passenger to escort back to DS17; Admiral Sato and Captain Taboo. During this time a murder had taken residence aboard the USS Independence-A, calling himself the Independence Ripper. During the mission the Ripper killed a young Science Officer, and injuring Lt.Cmdr Calhan and a Tactical Officer. Daniel was tasked with the investigation into the murder of the young Science Officer aswell as deploying his Security personnel to protect the Admiral. After the confusing capture of the Ripper it was found that the Ripper belonged to another dimesion along with the Admiral. Sato first attempted to destroy the ripper in the brig, by placing her phaser on overload, resulting a massive explosion in the Brig, but a transporter beam was in process, initiated by Captain Taboo. When they got to medical, the Ripper killed one of the medics, Cmdr Moranta along with Lt.Cmdr Salak and Ensign Spencer used the holographic emitters to send an anti-phased pulse to destroy the ripper. As the Ripper was about to escape, Sato threw herself into the equation, desperate with the pain she had to endure, and they both were terminated.
  • Stardate: 238502.09: The USS Ronin was requested to Wheeler Colony to receive a gift of Walkinuim following the successful visit of the USS Independence-A previously. Daniel was part of the Away Team which consisted of Captain Walker, Lt.Cmdr Kolk, Lt.Cmdr Cruise, Lt. Ronan Tully Adair-Walker and Ensign Javinx along with a Security Detail forming the Guard of Honour. However it soon became apparent that something more sinister was happening a members of the Away Team became first to fall ill was Lt. Ronan Tully Adair-Walker closely followed by Captain Walker. As an investigation began to find out what was happening the Away Team was joined by Ensign Torsten to help combat the effects of the mysterious illness on the Away Team. After further investigation and a murder of a young servant, it became clear of outside involvement, uncovering two Romulan Operatives on the planet. Unbeknown to the Away Team, a Romulan Vessel had already made itself known to the USS Ronin. The mission was finally brought to a close when Captain Walker had, had enough and called it a day. The mission was classed as unsuccessful.
  • Stardate: 238605.13: After the conclusion of the unsuccessful mission to Wheeler Colony it seemed the work still wasn’t to end there as moments after the return of the Escape Pods the body of Mrs Shepard was found in an Escape Pod. The investigation is still ongoing by Daniel and Ensign Blaze.
  • Stardate: 238605.27: The USS Ronin was struck by yet another Warp Core breach, causing both cores to go critical, as the senior staff battled to save the ship, Daniel begun organising his Security teams to evacuate the ship and help track down 7 bombs onboard. After doing so Daniel together with Lt.Cmdr Cruise, proceeded to disarm the final two bombs in perfect sync so not to allow the the ship to blow up. Upon doing so casualty reports came in from the Flight Deck, as in order to save the USS Ronin from almost certain attack from the two Romulans Warbirds sitting close by Captain Walker gave the order for all Shuttle Craft and Fighters to attack the Romulans with everything they had. During this attack 89 lives were lost.
  • Stardate: 238606.15: The USS Ronin docked with DS17 to render aid to the station after its bombing, it also took over its protection relieving the USS Independence-A to pursue the commandeered USS Phoenix-C. Whilst on the station Daniel was tasked with finding out who was responsible for the bombings after a long drawn out investigation it was believed a race hardly know to the Federation, Ixvapyan, were responsible, however investigations are still under way.
  • Stardate: 238609.11: After renering aid to DS17 the USS Ronin restocked, repaired and with a fresh compliment of crew he USS Ronin were about to begin another mission when Daniel was called to DS17 to help rebuild and retrain Security personnel. Whislt here Daniel found an abandoned Siberian Husky puppy belonging to 'Crewman Marty Yates' who fell victim to the bombings of DS17 as a result Daniel decided to adopt the puppy calling it Padraig.
  • Stardate: 238609.21: A Security/Tactical Drill was announced placing Lt.Cmdr Cruise as the USS Ronin Commanding Officer and Lt.Jg. Trolin as its First Officer. After Daniel returned he gave his insight into the battle tactics thus only eventually causing bad blood. The drill was cut short when the crew spotted an FTU vessel drifting in space. Daniel applied to SB118-Ops as Chief of Security and his Transfer Request was subsequently accepted.
  • Stardate: 238609.30: Daniel went about his business of keeping law and order whilst serving his short time on Starbase 118.

DS9style-mcpt green.png Marine Captain

  • Stardate 238610.24: Daniel was transffered to the USS Discovery-B, under the command of Captain Tyra Waltas, taking on the role as a Marine, subsequently changing his rank to a Marine Captain.
  • Stardate 238611.11: This mission is classified. For the record Daniel was part of an away team to secure a Pirate Outpost.
  • Stardate 238701.07: The Marines on the USS Discovery-B were disbanded under the orders of the Sector General, Captain Tyra Waltas saved as many as he could and using Daniel's expertise as a Hazard Team Officer. Captain Tyra Waltas ordered the creation of the USS Discovery-B's own Hazard Team.

DS9style-lt black.png Lieutenant

  • Stardate 238702.04: This mission is classified. All facts around this mission are strictly forbidden.
  • Stardate 238705.14: Daniel was recalled to Starfleet Command by Commander Jones to carry out a mission once again this mission has been strictly classified.
  • Stardate 238707.26: Daniel was subject to a court martial with fellow 501st Starfleet Rapid Response Task Group Officer, Lieutenant Haynes. The proceedings and personnel present at this meeting are strictly forbidden of the highest order, both officers were found not guilty.

DS9style-ltcmdr black.png Lieutenant Commander

Not Yet Attained

DS9style-cmdr red.png Commander

Bridge Officer Exam has not been completed. Rank has not been attained yet.

DS9style-cpt red.png Captain

Not Yet Attained