Rhian D'Heyahh

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Rhian D'Heyahh

Dabh'aelisu Civilian on Shinraka
Played by Heath West

Rhian is the Senator of the planet Shinraka and it's Republic Government, now initiating talks of membership within the Federation.

Personnal History

It is easy to think that Rhian is a young man coming from a world he knew nothing about to a world he now helps to maintain and rule with his wife, his elder and his son. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Rhian D'Heyahh was a family name from his beginnings on Romulas, born into a rigid military family and growing up with the stoic teachings of old Romulan elders. Inherantly different from everyone he knew, Rhian grew under the impression that there could be no change in his outlook, that he would be an outcast and further more never permitted into the Romulan military, once they learned a secret that he would kill to keep hidden.

It was only after meeting Ael Khellian that Rhian started to embrace his given heritage. This was the beginning of the Dabh'aelisu race.