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The Cygnetian system is located in the Federation Verge, halfway between the Talos Sector and the Shoals, roughly fifty-seven light years ENE from Cait, and forty-one light years SWS from Talos. It is sometimes confused for ω2 Cygnet, located in the Avalon Sector. This sytem is a trinary system, with 31 planets, and 2 Asteroid belts. It is the home system of the Cygnians.

The system's primary star is a B-type Beta Cephi Variable Star, which has 4 planets orbiting it, but it's primary habitable planet orbits the secondary star, a Type K star.

The system is remarkable only for a few of it's stellar features (namely, a trinary system where every star has a habitable planet, as well as one of the few 'molten' planets in existence).

Inhabited Planets

Cygnet IV

Cygnet IV is a class H world. A Klingon Monastery is located here, and is the only feature of note of this planet. [1]

Cygnet XIV

The homeworld of the Cygnian race. It is a member of the Federation of Planets.

Cygnet XXV

A cold world, this Class P world is mostly dominated by mining and research outposts.


Elenia Station

The primary repair docks of the region (considered second in quality to Cait Spacedocks), this station was known to also contained various experiments from the Dominion War as late as 2395.

Notable Reports


  1. This is the oddest time for a delivery. Lt. Ceciri Ariadust, USS Doyle, SD 239205.05

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