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Security Report, Ensign Alden Cuthbert---

Stardate 239010.12

The situation with the plague seems to be close to finishing, although no cure has yet been found. I myself write this on a biobed, possibly (probably) affected.

After beaming down to the planet, we were met by one Sergeant Annwhi of the Romulan/Agurthan military. We arrived at a medical complex and were led inside. Eventually, Ensign Folds and I decided to visit the morgue. Inside, we found a strange, amphibious, child-like being that seemed to be resistant. Folds' medical reports will likely tell you more about this thing's biology than I ever could.

We proceeded to converse with one D'Amarok, a Romulan civilian who offered aid in searching the morgue. He claimed that he knew nothing about the creature, which had appeared to be killed by lacerations, rather than by the plague. I proceeded to search through the morgue, and ended up finding a hidden room behind a wall. I... creatively opened it, and Folds, D'Amarok, and I all entered.

Soot covered the ground, which indicated that the secret room was a crematorium. Lieutenant Commander Katy Orman later discovered that the Romulans burned those with the plague alive to keep it from spreading, which is why they hid it from us.

D'Amarok betrayed us then, puncturing both my side and my hazmat suit. Folds and I beamed up, and after a long period of unconsciousness, I became testable. Folds discovered several things about the plague, which had apparently entered my system. Again, Folds' logs will tell you more.

Other proceedings soon followed that threw the isolation unit into a panic, but due to my incapacitated nature, I played no role in them. Other crewmembers' logs will tell more about proceeding events.

My apologies for the short report--being kept in a biobed and away from the action has left me without much knowledge about the events that I have not taken place in.

End log.