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Early Years

Cmdr Cura Assanti's early years were spend on Argelius II in the Sakara Palace in Acura City, the capital city of Argelius II. Cura was raised by her mother, Zoe Sakara-Assanti, who insisted on teaching her son and daughter the ways of Argelius II at a young age. Little Cura was a natrual charmer and followed her mother around, at first, at play on how to walk properly, sit properly and how to speak marvelously. Zoe taugh her daughter to curtsy and how to bow. As Cura grew olders, Zoe taught her daughter the secret healing agents of Argelius II and the delicate touches of how to give a prooper massage.

Before leaving Argelius II to Betazed, Cura had learn much about her Argelian Homeworld. She had learned about their passivist ways, but as time passed, she side stepped those stances. By joining Star Fleet, she had all but turned her back on that belief as more and more she found phasers in her hand and witnessing so much bloodshed and violence. It then became a choice of allowing the violence to continue or trying to end it by being part of it. It is more a matter of time for her that she chose the path she did.

By Betazed tradition, Cura was bethothed to Kile Atrelli, Prince of Betazed. Yet it had been during a chaparoned visitation with Kole Assanti that Kile betrayed Koles trust and tried to steal a kiss from his bride to be, which was not allowed. Kole interrupts Kile's attempt and makes arrangements for Cura to leave Betazed without her father and mother's knowledge, so she could avoid the marriage. Kole report the incident and the arrangment is broken. However Kile Atrelli didn't stop his pursuits of Cura. Cura had left Betazed in a hurry and had joined Star Fleet Academy on Earth. While there, she studied hard and excelled in the sciences and piloting. She did take a few engineering courses as well. 4 years later she graduated with high honors. She tried to return to Betazed but her father wouldn't have it. So Cura traveled to Argelius II and stayed with then Queen Zelda Sakara, her aunt. Star Fleet contacted her with her commission and she reported to Starbase 118 to Captain Hebron.