Crystalline entity

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Crystalline entity
Four Letter Code CRYS
Federation Status At War
Planet of Origin n.a, Space
Encountered TNG: Datalore
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level NS
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REV 239112.18
Extinct Species Notice

attention: This species is

believed extinct

Available data is limited


A massive and unique lifeform, delicate in appearance while blindly and insatiably feeding off the life-force of beings and even planetary resources. The Crystalline entity could destroy a world in just minutes with its pulverizing energy-beam conversion process, working much like an electromagentic collector. Somehow contacted by Data's brother Lore in 2338, it is known to have wiped out the Omicron Theta colony and its 114 scientists, then 11 more worlds ending with Melona IV until its destruction nearby in 2368. Ironically, just before its death it showed signs of sentience and understanding the different orders of life-energy it had been consuming. It is not known if others of this species exist