Crimes Of Passion (Atlantis)

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  • Duration - ?
  • Mission Name - Crimes of Passion
  • Mission Tag - (Prometheus Incident -- Phase I: The Frozen Horror) The actions of one crewmember threatens more than one career, while some crew attend a funeral.

Mission Brief

The USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) returned from her mission in the Norlian Nebula and the crew enjoyed their much needed shore leave. Following a judicial hearing, Capt Raj Blueheart was cleared of charges of war crimes and returned to command of the Atlantis. A promotions party was held for the crew where Ensigns Daro Conti, Thomas Janeway and T'Var Helling were promoted to Lieutenant JGs. Lt Rendal Rennyn was also promoted to the rank of Lt Commander. Right after handing out the awards, Blueheart and First Officer Cmdr Marcus Dickens left for Earth to attend to Lt Emerson Ravenscroft's funeral. When the commanding officer and first officer returned to the Atlantis, they were shocked to learn that while they were away, during the post-awards party, under the influence of Vulcan pon farr, Lt JG Janeway physically assaulted two of his fellow officers. He was instantly remanded and following a highly publicized trial, was found guilty and promptly expelled from Starfleet.

"Starfleet will not tolerate such insolence and gross misconduct from any of its officers! We owe the Federation worlds our trustworthiness and our benevolence. There is no place for violence or terrorism in the Federation, never mind Starfleet!" said Admiral Westerrhoff. The crew was visibly shaken by the incident which almost tore them apart. With the matter barely being resolved by higher authorities, the crew found themselves being ordered by Commodore Heather Westhaven to investigate the strange silence of Outpost Bravo and Prometheus Station in the Piktar System. Thus the crew of the Atlantis had to tend to their wounds and come together as a team quickly as they embarked on their mission. Only time will tell if their emotional bond is strong enough to hold them together through thick, thin and temporal anomalies!