Crash Landing (Eagle)

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Stardate Beginning 238504.30 - On 238504.30 Captain Taboo called Yladro, Tel-ar, and Arista Devar to a late night meeting in his ready room, apologizing for cutting their leave short. The first order of business was the promotion of Tel-ar to Lieutenant Commander. The Captain then revealed that the ensemble would be heading back to Cart'hen III to infiltrate the crime ring previously encountered while the rest of the crew would stay back for ship’s maintenance.

Tel-ar, recovering from his substantial injuries in a hover chair, has agreed to be placed on the side lines and Koriander would sub in his place. Arista voiced her concerns about Koriander’s reliability and trustworthiness, especially when they were venturing into a world where they needed more confidence than added liabilities.

Lt. Commander Keely was in charge of the mission, taking Yladro's place as she grew ill. Also added to the team was Petty Officer Jarrett Cook from security and Lt. Seph from Engineering. They would be useing a old, damaged smugglers ship to infiltrate the world posing as mercs and smugglers. They left Starbase 118 under tight security and arrived safely. However when they tried to land the old ship on the planets surface they ran into problems. Various systems crashed and they lost control. PO Cook was barely able to bring them down in one piece but was badly injured in the crash.

They survived and started to walk to the City of Mith. As night started to fall a fierce sand storm swept over them. After it was over they were attacked by a small pack of wild Klingon Targs. Once they were chased off they were found by the Orion Lady of Antiquities, Avalia, the same one who helped them out when Lt. Commander Tel-ar was being held and tortured by the Enforcers.

She let them hide out in her shop until they had to escape into the tunnels under it. Using information given to them by Avalia, they were able to use the tunnels to get close to and then attempt to arrest 2 members of the Council of 11. Everything went wrong and the 2 were killed in the following crossfire. A quick examination of the bodies showed they were shot in the back. The team did not have time for a more detailed examination and had to flee from the area and signaled for help.

Fortunately the USS Eagle (after experiencing some trouble with time threads) had arrived in orbit a few hours earlier and they were beamed aboard without further incident.