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J. Cowens
Astrophysicist, Professor
Orion Institute of Cosmology
About the Writer
Rahman: "I'm sorry, professor, but-'"
Cowens: "Please, please. Only my students call me professor. You can just call me... doctor."
–J. Cowens meeting with Roshanara Rahman, SD 239005.10

J. Cowens was a 72-year-old Human astrophysicist and distinguished professor aboard the USS Mercury on sabbatical from the Orion Institute of Cosmology. He was one of six department heads within the civilian research contingent who worked extensively with the Starfleet personnel of the sciences division to coordinate projects and research goals.

His research assistant was Renia Lenai, a young Haliian postdoctoral student, and he also invited Dr. Nick Parks to join his lab from Deep Space 10.

On SD 239012.16, the lower sensor module of the Mercury, which contained the lab space of Professor Cowens among others, was evacuated and jettisoned from the ship before being destroyed to trick a rogue Cardassian warship into believing the Mercury herself was destroyed. Although engineer Danielle Vistain had confirmed with the computer that all life signs were clear in the module before sealing it off, it was later discovered that Professor Cowens had not been among those evacuated.

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