Constitution Rewrite

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The UFOP Constitution has been an integral part of our group since it was written by RAdml. Brian Kelly. Nonetheless, it is in dire need of some "cleaning up." We've lived with it for almost five years now, and we've come to realize the strong and weak points of the document.

This area will be used to rewrite the document in a better format.

DO NOT change anything unless you are a part of the Rewrite committee. Unauthorized changes WILL BE REVERTED!


  • The UFOP Constitution: An "original copy". Don't change it!
  • The Rewrite: Here's the "drawing board" for this project. Feel free to add, edit, and change as you see fit.
  • The Bylaws: A reference point. Does any of this need to be merged into the CON? Are there things in the CON that need to be added to Bylaws? Etc.