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Constitution Player Achievements

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How do I get my achievements?

Achievements are self-reported by players themselves. If you believe that you have earned an achievement, please include a note in your sim. It could look like this:

(( Bridge, USS Constitution ))

Lazarus gave Jalana a high-five.

Rajel: ?

(( OOC: High Five Achievement ))

We will keep track in our own Tracksheet and a collective wiki site of the achievements everyone has earned and reported!

Displaying Achievements

Each player can decide how and if they want to display their achievements. You have many options from doing it on your Character Bio to your player page or even making a new extra page. If you need help with that you can contact our ship's own wiki wizard Edward Spears and he'll happily help you with creation and updates.

If you want to do it yourself that's fine, and below are instructions on how you can easily display your achievements with the help of templates:

Each Achievement has its own icon, which can be displayed on the wiki. That can be your player page, character bio, or forum signature. All icons are made by the fantastic designers at

To easily display a Constitution Player Achievement on the wiki, use the CPA template by writing: {{CPA|Name of the Achievement}}

For instance,




And you can list them in a row or in a table:

|{{CPA|Combined effort}}
|{{CPA|Let's do the timewarp again}}
Combined effort
Let's do the timewarp again

Optional SIM link

You can also add the link to the SIM in which you earned that achievement by adding SIM=URL of the sim. For instance:

{{CPA|Let's do the timewarp again|SIM=}}
Let's do the timewarp again

Achievements Rack

Player achievements can also be displayed on your character's sidebar, just like awards, service ribbons, and badges, using Template:Achievements Rack.

{{Achievements Rack
|Combined effort
|Let's do the timewarp again
Player Achievements

Achievement Categories

Constitution Player Achievements are divided into three categories (at this time):

  • IC Achievements
  • OOC Achievements
  • Mission Specific Achievements

IC Achievements

These achievements are given for IC challenges.

Achievement Name Achievement Description
Who me
Your character broke a piece of equipment
Help me fix it!
Your character utilized engineering to get a broken piece of equipment fixed (Does not have to be the one you broke)
The wild wild west
Visit the Saloon after duty
Get soaked in the Cetaceans Aquarium of the Science Department
Borrow a real book from the Victorian Library (See if the librarian lets you ;) )
Red alert
Participate in a Space Battle / Fight a boarding party
All hands battle stations
Issue a red alert
Survive a shootout with a numerically superior foe.
Who needs guns
Survive a fight without a weapon
It won't bite
Sit in the big chair
Tricorder Tinkerer
Use a tricorder reading to start a new (side)plot
Take it outside
Be part of an away team
Your mind to my mind
Take part in a mind meld / Conscious telepathic connection (conscious means to have been asked for it, and verbally agree to be read, not an accidental read)
Get outta here
Be thrown out of the Saloon
Let's do the timewarp again
Participate in a time travel mission.
Out of space
Be kidnapped during a mission
Fire on Will
Be shot by an ally by accident
Dwindling down
Be involved in a shuttle crash
Experience romance, whether brief or something longer lasting
Jack of All Trades
Assist in a department other than your own during a mission
Meet the Joneses
Introduce your character's family or another notable person from their backstory
Fluent in Technobabble
Write a sim that includes a detailed technical description
Queer Eye
Get a makeover from Gorgio and then hit the promenade
Hello Echo
Visit the mountain range on Starbase 104
Market haggler
Buy something at the monthly markets on Starbase 104
Drive an Argo buggy.
Safeties Off
Turn the safeties off in the holodeck, and pay the price for your arrogance
You Wanted What
Order something to eat or drink from 10 Forward that is not on the menu or replicators
These Things are Safe, Right?
Survive a transporter malfunction
Olive Branch
Befriend an antagonist
Wrongfully Accused
Get thrown in the brig for something you didn't do
Rightfully Accused
Get thrown in the brig for something you did
Where no one has gone before
Explore a new section / facility / establishment on Starbase 104
There be secrets
Find out a secret about someone and successfully keep it between you two
Liquid Life
Visit The Brew Continuum

OOC Achievements

These achievements are given for OOC challenges.

Achievement Name Achievement Description
Combined effort
Be part of a Joint Post
What's that
Write for a PC/PNPC/MSNPC of a lesser-known species
Be quoted in "Quote of the Month" suggestions
Play a villain MSNPC in a mission
An offer we can't refuse
Submit a mission idea, that was implemented
Use information from a FNS News article in your sim
Chit Chat
Participate in the ship chat
Tag, You're It!
During the course of one mission, tag every member of the senior staff (Player Characters) at least once
Down on Your Luck
Write a personal arc that includes a setback or misfortune
Back on Top
Conclude a personal arc, overcoming some adversity or challenge
Life-Long Learner
Write a personal arc about learning a new skill or gaining new knowledge
Burn The First Draft
Show meaningful character growth that goes well beyond the original character concept
Bring an MSNPC into PNCP or PC status
I'll be back
A character you played in the past returns (PC, PNPC, MSNPCs apply as long as they were inactive for a while)

Mission Achievements

These achievements can only be earned during the mission they were made for!

Achievement Name Achievement Description
Federation vs. Jalana Rajel - SD.239704.14 (Constitution)
I Testify!
Take the stand at Jalana's Court Martial!
Ready Steady Go
Participate in the Footrace in the Verdant Gardens during Jalana's Trial Period
Bells of Paradise (Constitution)
Shake it up
Be affected by the Endaasi Earthquakes (Directly or indirectly (indirectly can be that you are part of relief efforts, rescue missions and so on)