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Missions on the USS Dominance

Following the loss of her Saucer Section during the last mission, the USS Constitution had to undergo extensive repairs and upgrades -spending a number of months in Drydock.

All of the Constitution's crew were temporally re-assigned to the USS Dominance where they undertook a number of missions.

USS Dominance Mission 1: Mind Attacks

No sooner had the USS Dominance passed through the sector 118 wormhole anomaly did they come across a massive, abandoned and unusual carrier starship. Lt.Cmdr. Rocar led an away team to the strange vessel; here, they soon discovered hundreds upon hundreds of sleeping refugees taken from all races for one purpose 'use of their minds. Rocar recognized these very creatures from Ktarian legends as being soul collectors where as others felt they were better described as soul vampires. But the threat was clear. The Alien carrier ship had been seized by this race of telepathic energy beings who had been attracted to the ancient vessel due to the power source of trilithium which offered these being energy and sustenance. These beings had then traveled the galaxy, kidnapping individuals from each race they encountered and feeding off their minds.

All this would have worked but the enemy creatures were not about to give up and instead, with the loss of the trilithium energy source, they were attracted to and made do with the DOMINANCE's diltihium warp core. Since the telepathic beings were attracted to dilithium energy, the USS DOMINANCE's resourceful engineering staff trapped the telepathic beings inside the warp core reactor. However, the creatures soon escaped this prison and spread throughout the ship by taking the memories of the ship's bio-neural gel packs. They then seized the Ktarian's mind, his body was trapped in the command chair and died as his psychological self and mind became one with the USS DOMINANCE.

At this point, Rocar's being entered a new plain 'essentially he was the starship; and yet under the control of the starship's telepathic energy parasites he began to lock out the ship's crew and began to work against his former friends and colleagues. Controlling all ship's systems with a single thought, the Ktarian was at one with the starship and his presence was everywhere, yet his actions were under the control of the telepathic beings. He could erects forcefields to block security, use the EMH to attack others and ever control where the ship went all at a single thought. Being everywhere throughout the ship and having use of the internal sensors he knew all that was going on. But the telepaths onboard the ship's crew joined together to reach the Ktarian, and although this was not enough to combat the enemy's control, it did remind him who he was and as he discovered his Fiancee was pregnant with twins, Rocar's psyche had a desire to once again be who he was and save the ship.

Rocar managed to take the same energy form as the being who had controlled him and purged himself out of the systems, ultimately sacrificing himself to save Ensign Yladro, by forming an energy cloud of himself infront of the ensign to save her from a phaser blast. This by all predictions would have been Rocar's end; but by chance the bridge officer's had chosen to rip the Ktarian's dead body from the Command chair where it had been joint to the ship and the coma-like biological self had been left fallen on the deck. As the energy of Rocar's psyche was hit byrt the phaser blast if fell into the deck and the mind's energy dispersed until it was guided into the Ktarians former body, where mind, soul and corpse were once again rejoined.

USS Dominance Mission 2: A Missing Captain

Life had settled down on the USS Dominance, however, whilt on a routine mission Captain Xan Hebron went awol with three senior officers. With medical staff identifying the Captain's actions as being part of Brikkar puberty it was surmaized that Hebron was not in control of himself, Rocar was forced to take command.

Although slightly annoyed with the chief medical officer and counselor for not warning him about the Captain sooner, Rocar devoted all his energies to getting the captain back. He dispatched away teams in three different shuttles; himself remaining on the USS DOMINANCE with two other officers. They needed to get the systems back online since Capt.Hebron had locked them out as part of his escape. During this time, Rocar dealt diplomatically with a group of Yukki who wanted to claim salvage rights of the Dominance under the quadrant's interstellar laws. Rocar's eventual solution was trick the chicken-like aliens into running away by telling them it was all a Corbarian test and the two approaching Corbarian war cruisers were coming after them. Although he had gotten rid of the relatively armless Yukki and engineering ahd returned all the ship's systems to full operating capacity 'Rocar still had a problem to deal withthe two approaching Corbarian vessels that were not really after the Yukki but coming to confront the DOMINANCE.

When Rocar was a Lt.Jg; Cmdr Fire-claw had been CO of the DOMINANCE and warned never to return to Corbarian space with her starship. Although not in Corbarian space, they were close and their presence and identity had been recognised. A casual warning soon turned into a confrontation when the Corbarians recognised Rocar as one of their convicts; yet realised they had no readings from the punishment chip that should have been active in his nervous system. It soon became clear that the reason Rocar had been able to perform first aid to an injured officer and had not had any punishment nightmare visions recently was since the corbarian punishment chip had de-activated when the Ktarians mind had been seized by the telepathic beings and his body died. Eager to re-activate Rocar chip; the Ktarian was forced to use the DOMINANCE in a game of Cat and Mouse with the two Corbarian ships.

Splitting the vessel into three sections; they confronted the two ships, irritated them by flying in close on the attack and slowly lead them to a massive Ion storm which had been detected into the area; performing what could almost be text-booked as the Rocar manouever the three parts of the DOMINANCE tricked the Corbarians into being dragged down into the vicious Ion storm whilst they escaped, reformed and proceeded to a class-M planet in the next sector to pick up the away teams and the aprehended Brikkar; time was of the essence since the Ion storm was on a direct course for that location.

Seeing Hebron's rejuvination in sickbay; Rocar finished up a few duties on the bridge, his last act as CO being to rescue a visiting Bajoran vessel with a religeous delegation that whished to come onboard the starfleet vessel and iscuss an issue involving one of their officers. Rocar agreed to let the deleggation onboard and then atteneded a memorable staff meeting where he transferred command back to Fleet Captain Hebron and was relieved to return to his position as First Officer.

USS Dominance Mission 3: The Vemlin

The USS Dominance's First Officer had been boring the senior staff for almost an hour as he introduced their their next mission of charting gaseous anomalies and spatial ionide build-ups in the sector. After an hour of lecturing and boring the senior staff with science, he was interupted by a call from the bridge where they'd received a distress call from a Vemlin vessel trapped in the growing Ion storm.

The Vemlin were rescued, but it turned out that they were a race of Android slaves belonging to the Landaru. One of the few on the Constitution who did not regard the androids as sentient life forms, the Vemlin request federation membership and a court hearing was held. During this hearing Rocar presented the case against the Vemlin. The matter was resolved a little backhandedly however, the Landaru tricked into thinking the Vemlin had been destroyed whilst they were secretly moved to settle on a small planet.

Returning to the Alpha Quadrant the crew transferred back to the newly rebuilt USS Constitution and proceeded to Betazed for Cmdr Rocar and LtCmdr Hilzarie's marriage allong with some much needed R & R.

USS Dominance Mission 4: Return To Dead Space

During the Vemlin crisis, part of the crew covertly departed from the USS Dominance aboard the USS Smokey, a specially-constructed battle shuttle with numerous top-secret features and capabilities. LtCmdr Sheriden headed-up the mission with Dar, Yladro and Keely to return to the Dead Space area to obtain any information from the derelict Borg cube about the Dead Space phenomenon.

Once they arrived at their destination, the team discovered that the Cube wasn't alone... a Tholian vessel was also there. Aboard the Cube, the team discovered that the Tholian craft was stolen by the Breen to infiltrate Dead Space and resurrect the Cube for reasons unknown. With their top secret stealth suits, the team secretly entered the Cube to begin searching for any useful information. Yladro was soon captured by a Breen and dragged throughout the Cube, but she had soon engaged the phasing feature of her stealth suit that enables the wearer to pass through solid matter, and she dropped below the decking, slicing the Breen in half. While the team dodged the Breen and some reanimated Borg, Yladro was able to obtain data nodes from a Borg data ganglion. Once they were able to beam back aboard the USS Smokey, they quickly departed back to 'normal' space and towards the re-activated USS Constitution-B.