Constitution Mission Archive 2378-2387

This chronicles the full history of the USS Constitution's mission logs, from her original commanding officer, Fleet Captain Hebron to Captain Samuel Perkins.

This may also include links to organizations and people encountered by the Constitution-B crew.

2378 to 2383: The First Five Year Mission

Originally under the command of Fleet Captain Hebron, except for 2379 when Commander Jessa Anassasi took command before going on into legend commanding the USS Independence, this chronicles the first five years of the Constitution's mission of exploration.

2383 to 2386: A Transition of Captains

Circa Stardates 238309.01 to 238310.10: Captain Rocar retrieves the USS Constitution adrift near Brikkar.

Stadates 238310.10 - 238401.01: The constitution's Beta Shift crew investigate unusual circumstances on Catterick IV

  • Mission 2: The Iconian Artifacts

Stardates 238401.01 - 238403.15: The Constitution leaves space dock to investigate Iconian Artifacts from the 8th planet in the Iconian system.

  • Mission 3: Angel One

Stardates 238403.15 - 238405.22: There is Transitions in the air of as we changed Captains and Taboo has his first mission of missions It is played out in the matriarchal society of female fighters on Angel One. The Constitution arrives in the middle of civil war that ends with nuclear destruction of Angel One's major cities. The Constitution steps in to "clear" the "nuclear" fallout and make the planet habitable again.

  • Shore Leave: The Risa Beach BBQ

Stardates 238405.23 - 238406.13: The Constitution pairs off into small groups for festivities on Risa. Everyone gathers on the last day of shore leave for a BBQ. The Second Officer, Lily Ventu, receives orders to transfer to the USS Triumphant as first officer. First Officer Victoria Yladro fulfills her bet with Lt Commander Shawn Anderson on who is the better pilot, however her personal fightercraft began to fall apart and crashed into a Risan mountainside - Yladro was rescued before the crash, which was determined to have been caused by sabotage.


The section recounts the adventures of the USS Constitution-B's new crew under the command of Captain Cura Assanti, then Commander Samuel Perkins.


Logs in progress

  • Alpha Numerics - An organization that manages the integrity of time, encountered by the Constitution in 2387.
  • IODCC - An organization encountered by the crew of the Constitution-B in an alternate timeline