Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (Constitution)

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The mission at hand demanded that the crew divide onto two different ships and head out in opposite directions, with Commander Rocar taking the USS Resolution as Captain and Lt.Cdmr John Stone as his first officer.

The USS Constitution headed off in the opposite direction, to check out the trading routes near Alpha Centauri, where rumours that starships were disappearing at a rapid rate. Starfleet had also reported the loss of the USS Hermes, a science/research vessel, which was also in the vicinity.

What the crew, under the command of FC Xan Hebron, and FO John Sheriden, found was that a new faction had managed to open a portal between the known universe and an alternate universe. At the bequest of the Brikar Regent (a duplicate of our own Xan Hebron), ships were being captured, crews replaced, and sent back out as if nothing had happened. It was a take over attempt by those from the mirror universe.

The USS Hermes was commanded by an imposter of Captain Y'Shirad and FO XDezari. The ship, swooped in, accused the Constitution of being over taken and attacked. The Constitution was caught off guard and received some damage. However, once the crew of the Constitution regained their bearings, they outmatched the Hermes. The Hermes warped out of the area. The Constitution was then attacked by Orion pirates, one of the vessel was carrying a trilithium warp core. When the ship was destroyed the explosion heavily damaged the Constitution, forcing them to send out an emergency signal. During this time, two key areas were infiltrated, replacing the chief of security (Lt.Cdmr KitiganZibi), and first officer (John Sheriden).

Aboard an cloaked orbiting station, a terrorist and assassin Seca Lekvar, the mirror universe version of Yladro's sister Marlene, kidnapped the science team aboard the USS Hermes to research ways to stabilize the portal to the mirror universe. Using the real Marlene Yladro to lure her sister aboard, but the captured Yladro managed to thwart Lekvar with lethal force, and escape with the Hermes' survivors. The Resolution had to abort its mission and return to where the USS Constitution was now floating on its last bit of energy. Commencing repairs, imposters were killed. The crew was finishing repairs to the USS Constitution, while following the USS Hermes, in the hopes of saving FC Xan Hebron, FO John Sheriden, C of Sec Lt.Cdmr Merigold KitiganZibi who were kidnapped. The USS Hermes, under orders from the Regent, was sent back to where the Constitution was, to bring the injured FC Xan Hebron to the Regent to be tortured and eventually killed. On the planet surface, Lt Diamond tangled with his own doppledanger, a tyrannical killer named Sniper, and somehow Sniper's consciousness merged with Diamond, who later used himself as a DNA conveyance to help treat Hebron's injuries - as a result, Diamond embodies an an amount of Brikar DNA from Dr Lebron, a researcher who assisted him in saving Hebron.

On a sad note, helm officer Lt. Tre Amandi was killed during this mission.