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Can my PNPC be promoted?

Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer: Of course. If your PNPC is a ranked officer, they can be promoted. Civilians, of course, don't have ranks, but may still earn promotions in positions and such like in Real Life.

How do we go about that?

We like to involve our Department chiefs in these kinds of things. It adds a little to their role and depths of duties. So here is what to do:

  • If you have a Department Chief/Assistant Department Chief:
    • of rank above or same as the target-rank message the player of the chief position out of character and check with them. They are in-character allowed to promote up to their own rank. Why not share the joy of promoting characters.
    • of rank below the target-rank message the player of the First Officer about it.

  • If you have no Department Chief/Assistant Department Chief: Message the First Officer for a PNPC promotion.

  • If you ARE a Department Chief/Assistant Department Chief:
    • You can promote PNPCs up to your own rank. For Example: If you are a Lieutenant the target rank you can promote to is Lieutenant (everything from Enlisted to Lieutenant Junior Grade is fine to promote for you)
    • If the target rank is above your own contact the First Officer for said promotion. You can do that OOCly or even better In Character to add more plot to your position!

Please use promotions sparingly. They are a privilege that needs to be earned just like for your Main Character. We do have more freedom for PNPcs but don't want to have daily promotions. Make it mean something. :)

Can my PNPC earn Service Ribbons?

Until recently we have reserved Service Ribbons for Player Characters but after some discussion, we have decided to loosen that up a little. If a PNPC has been vital for a mission they can earn Service Ribbons. You don't have to ask for them. If the actions during missions were vital and stood out to the staff, it will happen automatically as it would with a PC.


As with promotions Service Ribbons are a privilege to be earned. That does not mean to insert a PNPC into a mission just to make them earn a ribbon, make it happen naturally just as it has happened before. :)
Also, Ribbons are not going to be awarded retroactively. You can earn them from now on, though.