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Congratulations, you have worked hard and achieved the major milestone of becoming a Department Chief or Assistant Chief. That is practically like being the CO or FO for your department! Marvelous!

What does that mean?

These are positions exclusively for Players and assigned by the CO & FO. That means you have worked hard and held up a standard that is worthy of becoming a Chief or Assistant Chief. It also means that everyone working in the department, be it Player characters or PNPCs are under your supervision and have become your responsibility. The Chief position trumps rank, so characters of a higher rank than your own in your department still report to you as their direct supervisor. That comes with a few responsibilities and privileges In- and Out-of-Character.

Which responsibilities come with that position?

  • Reliable simming activity: That means to remain at full-time activity (3 sims a week, 12 sims a month minimum).
    • We all know that Real Life can get in the way, but if you are below full time for a longer period of time, you may lose the Chief/Assistant Chief position to a more consistent writer.
  • Being a role model to other Simmers: That means that other crew members in and out of your department will look up to you for guidance as a more experienced member of the game. So the following habits are what we like to see:
    • Tagging not only members of the department but across the ship helping to engage others
    • Spreading your sims through the week instead of simming in bursts (So rather 1 sim every 2 days, than all 3 sims on one day, to keep the plot going for everyone)
    • Helping out with questions of newer members
  • Representing the department’s capabilities during mission planning (Both IC and OOC)
    • That means if you get ideas, make sure if we can implement them by comparing them to what has been written before
    • And because we are all a team, you also get to represent the ideas of the officers in your department. You help to implement theirs as well and help your fellow writers to make their ideas reality.
    • If you aren’t sure check back with Staff

Wait, there are privileges?

Yes, check below!

Opportunities for Expanded Character Development

The department heads are usually the focal characters of most classic Star Trek. They are the captain’s constant companions and specialist advisors. They are the ones who swoop in to save the mission either through a brilliant idea (their own or a team member’s), or the application of their team. But being the chief also means you have the chance to portray riveting administrative elements such as:

  • Welcoming new team members and getting them familiar with the department
  • Investigating performance deficiencies and solving them
  • Paperwork! And more paperwork!
  • Allowing your subordinates to take on critical tasks while you sit back in satisfaction for a moment before having to attend to MORE paperwork.
  • Being a mentor IC, running workshops, training sessions, and drills for your department to make sure they cut the mustard.
  • Disputes between Assistant Chief and Chief! If you got both in your department and are not on the same wavelength you can enjoy some Department Lead fun! Applicable also for the following two points of privileges as a Chief/Assistant Chief!
    • Note: Even if there is no player character in the Chief position, the role is filled In Character. A fun option for that is the elusive Chief who is never really seen but he is working around “somewhere.”
  • Promotions! Yes, you are allowed to promote people who are up to your own rank. This goes for PNPC members of your teams, because Player characters will be promoted by the Captain or First Officer. More about the PNPC Promotion process can be found here.
  • Your Character can also suggest Service Ribbons to the Ship’s leaderships for PNPC members of your department if you want. Usually, we give them out based on our judgment but you may have a more in-depth view of their performance and would like to reward them for it.
  • A secret club lounge and a secret handshake (Wait, really?) Yes, really! One of us!

These actions will bring more depth into your simming, showing that extra layer of work your character has earned to do and will enhance the portrayal of teamwork as well as the impression of being a Chief or Assistant Chief.