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The USS Constitution-B Engineering Systems Programming Office (ESPO) is a standard engineering division on larger starships. In the case of Galaxy-class starships like the Constitution it is located on Deck 22.

Constitution ESPO


Located in the stern of the Constitution, wedged between Engineering Support and the Upper Main Impulse Engine's systems is the obscure Engineering Systems Programming Office. The ESPO is a support division of engineering that focuses exclusively on computational systems aboard the Constitution.

Officers assigned to the ESPO are responsible for building, installing and maintaining most computer systems on the starship. While any engineer with the skill often works on computer systems, the ESPO is the office this work goes through, and has a dedicated team to deal with computer requisitions and maintenance requests.

While officers assigned to ESPO are expected to have a broad range of engineering skill and still take part in other operations and duties, the office is an excellent opportunity for low-ranking engineers with computer skills to establish themselves as valuable members of the crew before moving into other divisions.

Layout and Duties

The ESPO is arrayed around a main computer bank where engineers can access diagnostics on the shipboard computer cores and facilities.

There are two sections of computer console workstations for various tasks. Tasks often assigned to ESPO include, but are not limited to:

  • technical support for Starfleet and civilian computer systems aboard the Constitution
  • develop software for other divisions as need arises (ie. analysis programs for science, simulations for command, etc.)
  • coordinate with engineering teams to build, repair and maintain shipboard hardware
  • holodeck support and troubleshooting
  • data analysis and encryption/decryption

Current Staff

USS Constitution-B's ESPO personnel:

USS Constitution-B ESPO Crew NPC Roster
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Species and Gender Current Post Posted By
STO Ensign Yellow.jpg
Frag Tellarite Female Engineering Officer Choi Ji-hu
STO Ensign Yellow.jpg
Tor J'Naii Genderneutral Engineering Officer Choi Ji-hu
STO Crew1st Yellow.jpg
Crewman First Class
Ix & Te Bynar Engineering Officer Choi Ji-hu
STO Ensign Yellow.jpg
Ensign Paku.jpg
Paku Kelpien Male Engineering Officer Choi Ji-hu

Office Archives

2394 ESPO Crew, clockwise: Ix, Te, Frag, Creet Berenez, Choi Ji-hu and Tor.

ESPO - Veteran engineering officer Lieutenant Dag Sindri decides to test a freshly promoted Choi Ji-hu's mettle by instating him as the provisional office head of the Engineering Systems Programming Office. Sindri escorts Ji-hu to the office where he introduces him to the motley crew.
The Project - After spending some time observing the ESPO crew, Ji-hu announces his strategy to get caught up on maintenance requests and ship-wide diagnostics. He also introduces a new project for the crew, to bring the ship's computer system up to a higher processing class.
Not A Repair Shop - The ESPO Crew receives a demanding visitor in one Noros Tanna, who is looking to have a PADD with Bajoran religious writings fixed. Ix and Te surprise her by disassembling the PADD without her permission, although a tense moment is ameliorated when the office comes together to fix her PADD.