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The Captain's office on the USS Constitution has been completely renovated based on Jalana Rajel's wishes. She felt the office was too cut off and boring to really suit her. The only detail that remained the same was the floorplan. Everything else has been replaced.

The Doors were replaced with transparent aluminium doors with several Modi: Clear, milky, solid. Most of the time the doors remain clear and allow to look into it and out of it connecting the office with the bridge.

The desk, seats and couch have been removed as they were seen as uncomfortable and distancing. Instead, there are a semi-circle couch and a couple of fabric bean bags and two ottomans to complete the 'Circle'. All of these are in different colours like a rainbow.

In the centre of the circle stands a small table made from transparent aluminium (looks like glass but is lighter and more robust), for refreshments and PADDs. This is used as a replacement for the desk. The table has two levels so that things can be stored away in the lower level if necessary.

Since there is no desk the wall next to the door is now a massive computer screen let in into the wall, operated by voice and in addition through a remote control plus wireless connected keyboard that can be used from anywhere in the room.

One of the biggest changes are the walls. Instead of going with just one colour a system was installed that allows an on-the-fly colour change at any time. It is constructed with tri-chromatic electrochromic material. It has minimal power consumption (even less than a PADD) and looks like a regular wall at a distance, and only slightly textured up close. (That wall extends into the head) The material does not inhibit the ability to mount objects to the wall, drill into it and so on.

The Replicator is still present but has moved to the wall next to the seating group. The area before the window is unobstructed and it's really nice to stand there and look outside without having to walk around furniture.

The longest wall in the room displays a floor to ceiling model of Starbase 118-OPS and various transparent floating shelves. On one of these shelves resides a white porcelain tea-set in shape of the USS Constitution-B that was gifted to Jalana by Lystra during the giftmas celebrations in 2397. The station model is programmed to detect weight on the shelf and then engages a visible light beam display and disappears the shelf, to give the impression of the porcelain ship being suspended in the station's tractor beam. Several security measures enable the shelf again if necessary. The tri-chromatic system on that wall displays a section of space with stars twinkling in the background.