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Constitution-B Staff Helpers

This page is dedicated to the Staff and Helpers that make the Conny the fun place it is. If you are a member of the Constitution and would love to help out, check for open positions below and contact your Staffer of choice. If you want to help but have a different position in mind, contact us as well and let us know what you think!


The current staff members of USS Constitution-B are:


The current helpers of USS Constitution-B are:

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Commanding Officer
Jalana Rajel
First Officer
Alex Blair
Mission Specialist
Cade Foster
Chief of Science
Lazarus Davis
CMO/Second Officer
Edward Spears
Medical Officer
Ravenna Carter
HCO Officer
Tagia Jutto
Chief of Tactical
Atan T'Seva
Tactical Officer
Asst Chief Engineer
Jacob Horne
Intel Officer
Sarah Mason
Intel Officer
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