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Quote of the Month is a fun activity among the Constitution Crew. Throughout the month the crew submits their favourite lines from Sims in our ship's quote forum. On the first of the following months the facilitator (Ravenna Carter) puts a poll together and the whole crew is invited to vote for their favourite. The winner receives a special custom 'badge' created by Jalana Rajel.


Month Winner Quote Badge
May 2020 Saveron
June 2020 Chip Foley
June 2020 Edward Spears
aka Elizabeth Aubrey
July 2020 Cade Foster
August 2020 Lazarus Davis Squash-O: ~ You’d better get a second opinion on Admiral’s sentience. And your husband’s! ~
Saveron He’d been there, done that. Regretted it. Regret was illogical, but not all that was true was logical. All that he could do was learn from it, and hope that others might learn from his mistakes.
September 2020 Jalana Rajel Sherana: It is better to live in the present than to fear what may or may not happen and miss the glory of the now.
October 2020 Nugra Nugra had no idea if anything down here would eat him but if it was, the Gorn was going to make sure it had indigestion.
November 2020 Cade Foster He looked towards Jalana and Saveron, generally considered the adult voices of reason in the group to back him up. Grumpy old people club for the win!
December 2020 Cade Foster Vulcans didn’t blush. But he was one quarter human. So he one quarter blushed.- So'Mior
Atan T'Seva It would be a travesty, of course. But it might be a tasty travesty. Some fusion foods, while bearing no relationship to the original, ended up quite good.