Constitution-B Quote of the Month

Quote of the Month is a fun activity among the Constitution Crew. Throughout the month the crew submits their favourite lines from Sims in our ship's quote forum. On the first of the following months the facilitator (Ravenna Carter) puts a poll together and the whole crew is invited to vote for their favourite. The winner receives a special 'badge' created by Jalana Rajel.

Winners 2022

Month Winner Quote Badge
January 2022 Saveron
Cade Foster
Jalana Rajel aka T'Aven
February 2022 Mark Two Foster aka
Cade Foster
March 2022 Talia Ohnari
April 2022 Lystra
May 2022 Rachel Flores
June 2022 Cade Foster
July 2022 Atan T'Seva
Talia Ohnari
August 2022 Talia Ohnari
September 2022 Maxwell Tannhauser
October 2022 Jalana Rajel
November 2022 Evelyn Veir
Maxwell Tannhauser
December 2022 Cade Foster aka Mark Two
2022 Quote of the Year Talia Ohnari

Winners 2021

Month Winner Quote Badge
January 2021 Nugra
May 2021 Saveron
Cade Foster
Jalana Rajel aka T'Aven
June 2021 Orin Dann aka Saveron
July 2021 Saveron
September 2021 Saveron
October 2021 Shedet
Jalana Rajel aka Sherana
November 2021 Saveron
December 2021 Cade Foster
Jalana Rajel aka D'Sena
Lazarus Davis as Heeka

Winners 2020

Month Winner Quote Badge
May 2020 Saveron
June 2020 Chip Foley
June 2020 Edward Spears
aka Elizabeth Aubrey
July 2020 Cade Foster
August 2020 Lazarus Davis
September 2020 Jalana Rajel
October 2020 Nugra
November 2020/Quote of the Year Cade Foster
December 2020 Cade Foster
Atan T'Seva