Complex Character Pages

The complex character page has room for just about anything you might want to add. As with the other 2 examples it can be easily modified or tweeked to meet your needs.

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Complex Template

This template is for those who practically live, eat, and sleep with their character in mind.

  • To see what this template includes, click the link: Template:Biocomplex
  • To use this template, put the tag below into your character page and save the page. Then click the "edit" link to fill in the results.
    • {{subst:Biocomplex}}
  • Notes:
    • Sub-templates: Here are some templates that go with the sub-pages used in this main template:
    • The category has not been added to this template, because it's assumed you're going to create a sub-category for your entire character profile including sub-pages. See the section below on "advanced categorization".


If you have a good deal of information for your character, and plan to put more than just your character's basic information on their page, then you can create a number of sub-pages to make the "main" page a little more lean and easier to read. The "complex" template above utilizes some of these methods.

Creating a Sub-page

Making a sub-page is simple enough. From your main page, just use a link like so: [[/Sub-page name]].

Keep in Mind: If you have to move your page, using the "move" function on the wiki, the link to this sub-page will break, and you will have to save the main page again, then copy/paste all of the text from the original sub-page into the new sub-page.

In-depth Personal and/or Professional Histories

You can create a sub-page for your character's personal or professional history (or both), to include just about any information you can think of. Take a look at the templates above in the "Complex Template" section for more ideas.

Family Pages

If you have thought out a lot of information about the character's family, create a sub-page and do sections on each of them to flesh them out more.

SIM Archives

If you're interested in bringing together all of your SIMs, you can create a section for your SIM archives. Archives should be broken up into logical groups of SIMs, like vessel missions. If using that scheme, name missions by the "official" vessel mission name, or by the how it relates to the character. Example links below.

  • Atlantis Mission 4 - Joe joins the Atlantis on her fourth mission, exploring the Horsehead Nebula.
  • Joining Atlantis - Joe joins the Atlantis on her fourth mission, exploring the Horsehead Nebula.

We have a template that you can use to organize each page of SIMs. To use this template, put the tag below into your character page and save the page. Then click the "edit" link to fill in the results.

Advanced Categorization

If you have "filled out" your character page, and are including a SIM archive, in depth personal and professional histories all on their own pages, etc., then you will need a more complex category set-up to make it easier to navigate. Please do not use this method if you only have your one character page and less than two sub-pages.

As mentioned, it is best to do this only if you have a number of pages. Your first task is to create a sub-category for your character. To do this, you would put the following category tag at the bottom of your main page: [[Category:Tristan Wolf|*]] -- using your own character's name, of course. This creates a separate category for your character. The "|*" within the tag is used to put this page in the * section of the category, which is always displayed first. So the first article the user sees upon entering your category is the main character page.

Now, once the page is saved, click on the category link, which should be red. This will take you to a page where you can edit the introductory text for the category. Add something like this:

"For information pertaining to [[Tristan Wolf]]."

Then, put this tag at the bottom of the page: [[Category:Characters]] and save the page. This category now becomes a sub-category of the main character category.

Now it's time to categorize each of your sub-pages. This is similar to categorizing your main page, but you need to change the section each page is organized in. With the main page, we added "|*" to the end of the category page so that it would be organized into the * section of the category. With category pages, they're going to be named something like this: "Tristan Wolf/Personal History". So, we'll want to make sure that each page is organized into a section according to what the page's name is. For the example above, we'd use the following category tag: [[Category:Tristan Wolf|Personal]]. Now it'll be categorized in the "P" section of the category, and will be properly alphabetized if there are other pages in that section.

Finally, if your vessel has a category for active characters (do not put your character into your vessel's NPC listing category), you can include your character's sub-category into your vessel's active characters category. To do so, go to your character's sub-category. Click on the "edit" link, and include the category tag for your vessel's active characters category there. This creates a new sub-category in your vessel's active characters category with your character sub-category in it. Confusing, huh?