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USS Columbia Main Sickbay

Sickbay is located deep within Saucer section which makes it more protected in times of combat. The USS Columbia uses a very similar sickbay layout as the Galaxy class. The sickbay on the Columbia is one of the largest in the fleet. Having many facilities from surgical ward, neo-natal ward, biohazard ward, critical triage ward, trauma stasis unit, medical sciences ward, a primary ICU and even a overflow ICU. This allows the medical staff of the Columbia to provide state of the art medical services even in the far reaches of the galaxy. Only medical ships have a greater number of facilities.

The Sickbay is also well stocked with a variety of medical equipment and supplies. Much of it is left out on tables or benches for use by the medical crew, but some items are stored in the medical storage units. On the Columbia, if a piece of equipment is needed but not available it can be replicated. A standard food replicator is also found in sickbay as well as a smaller unit in the CMO's office. The Sickbay also contains a weapon armory filled with phaser pistols and rifles in time of need.

Intensive Care Units

Four biobeds line the walls of Sickbay's intensive care unit, or ICU; these are for patients receiving medical care and are equipped with biofunction monitors. Also each ICU has a surgical bed in the center of the room. On the Columbia, private rooms are available for long-term patients.

Surgical Ward

The Sickbay also has surgical beds, where major surgeries are performed and critical patients are treated. A large, sophisticated sensor cluster is usually installed directly above this bed. Working in conjunction with a medical tricorder, the sensor suite can give highly detailed information about a patient's condition. The bed is also designed to use a surgical support frame. This bed is located in the center of the main sickbay room, although the Columbia also has separate spaces for their surgical beds which can be isolated by a force field. If necessary, surgery can be conducted in the intensive care ward if there is an overflow of patients or if another patient is present to donate blood, organs, or tissue.


Sickbays typically have small laboratory facilities attached to the ICU. Their Chief Medical Officer or other associated personnel could monitor experiments or run tests here during their duty shift. The laboratory is equipped with a full bioisolation field. Many starships also have separate, larger medlabs. The Columbia has four.

CMO Office

The Chief Medical Officer's office is also located in sickbay just down the first hallway on the left when you enter the main sickbay. As with the Captain's ready room, it is an area for the CMO to work in privacy or conduct meetings with patients, staff, and others. Its close location allows the CMO to be present in sickbay almost immediately. Doctor G'Renn keeps a family picture, a small painting of Vulcan, and numerous medical books in her office.

Other Treatment Facilities

Other treatment facilities available near the Columbia sickbay include physical therapy rooms, OB/GYN and nursery areas, and an emergency bio support unit. A stasis unit is also available, used to temporarily place patients in suspended animation for later treatment. A morgue facility is also part of the sickbay.


Columbia ICU
Columbia CMO's Office
Columbia Sickbay Laboratories

Columbia Sickbay