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USS Columbia Counselor's Suite

The Counseling Suite on the Columbia, located on Deck 13, has a single entry to the outer corridor that leads into a waiting area. Along the back wall is a large landscape painting while on either side of this are doors leading to the two counseling offices. The waiting room is simply, yet tastefully decorated, and allows clients who come prior to a counselor being available a place to sit and wait. Between the door and the back wall is a desk for a secretary, although one is not always present.

Director of Behavioral Sciences' Office

  • The door to the right is the Director of Behavioral Sciences' office, currently unoccupied. The office is longer in one direction and the door opening into the office is on one of the longer walls. The following description is how Lt Commander Rune Jolara had set up the space.
  • It is divided into 2 areas:
    • a work area containing the Chief Counselor's desk
    • a cozy sitting area with 3 comfortable chairs and a coffee table. The sitting area is where most of the work with patients is done.
  • Taking up much of the space on the wall opposite the door is a 3-D holographic view of a lush waterfall surrounded by trees and bushes and flowers. In the distance, sitting on a rock was a lone humanoid figure. In the genius of the artist, one couldn't really tell what race the figure was.
  • The walls are decorated with paintings, both located in the sitting area:
    • On the wall opposite her desk is a Al-Leyan tapestry embroidered with the symbol of the Al-Leyan Great Tree.
    • On the wall that the door is in, is a more modern composition composed of bright blots of color reminiscent of a Rorschach Inkblot test.
  • On the coffee table is a large pot of living flowers, accompanied by a few books containing illustrations of landscapes from a variety of planets, habitats, and ecosystems, abstract paintings, still-life, several children's books.
  • On her desk is a framed picture of Rune and her son, Krystyan, taken while they were on Betazed.
  • On the wall behind her desk a small shelf is mounted on the wall. It holds a set of books, a potted green plant on the right and an abstract wooden sculpture on the left.

Counselor's Office

  • The door to the left is the Counselor's office, currently occupied by Ensign Karen Stendhal.
  • The remainder of the office has yet to be described.