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Columbia NPCs

Columbia NPCs


“There are always possibilities.”

The following is a list of the current USS Columbia Non-Player Characters (NPC) and Personal Non-Player Characters (PNPC).

Note: Please remember to include Category:Columbia NPCs at the bottom of each character page you create.

PC's First

One of the most important things on healthy and active ships is to build rich, fulfilling relationships between our PC characters. Those relationships might develop into friendship, romance, tension, or animosity - the important thing is that they develop. Writing for PNPC's can be a lot of fun, however, always keep in mind that they are meant only to be supporting characters to our PC's.

Got An Idea For A PNPC

If you have a PNPC you would like to see added to list, you should email the CO to discuss your idea. In adding a PNPC you are essentially adding a new character to the show. That's a pretty big deal! It is important that you and the CO have a chance discuss your PNPC's background, purpose, role on the ship and how they might influence the experiences of our main PC's on the ship. Therefore, all PNPC's, whether specific or shared, must get the green light from the CO before being added to the list and simmed on the ship.

USS Columbia NPC Roster
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Species and Sex Current Post Posted By
Command Division
Rolla Haneer Human Female Captain's Yeoman Theo Whittaker
Lieutenant JG Danni James Human female Engineering Officer Rune Jolara
Matthew Human Male Warp Core Spec. General NPC
Petty Officer Second Class Nelis Duyzer Human Male Repair Technician Pholin Duyzer
Ensign Torrel Denobulan Female HCO Officer Anath G'Renn
Security & Tactical
Lieutenant Sanara Pran Trill female Acting Chief Security Officer Theo Whittaker
Ensign Tommy Gottci Iotian Male Security Officer James Colquhoun
Hijin Noe Trill Male Security Officer Jona ch'Ranni
Andrew Giles Human Male Medical Officer General NPC
Petty Officer Second Class
sh'Ven Andorian Female Nurse General NPC
Ensign Patrick Harbison Human Male Counselor Anath G'Renn
Sciences Division
Starfleet Intelligence
Civilian Contingent
Savok Vulcan Male Botanist Anath G'Renn
Jev crim Glev Tellarite Male Archeologist Theo Whittaker